My Polish Stash

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A England (cruelty free)
Ascalon (The Legend)
Avalon (The Mythicals)
Dragon (The Legend)
Lady of the Lake (The Mythicals)
Order of the Garter (The Legend)
Princess Sabra (The Legend)
Princess Tears (The Legend)
St. George (The Legend)
A Rhyming Dictionary

Barielle (cruelty free)
Alli's Lace Up Cover (Runway Fever)
Banana Drop (Sweet Treats 2013)
Big Apple Red (New York Style)
Blue Capri
Blue Cotton (Sweet Treats 2013)
Central Park (New York Style)
Cherry Sparkler (Dazzling Diamonds 2012)
Ebony Rainbow (Dazzling Diamonds 2012)
Elle's Spell
End of the Rainbow
Erica's Pencil Skirt (Runway Fever)
Falling Star
Fifth Avenue Boutique (New York Style)
Gotta Have Fate (Some Like It Hot 2012)
Green Apple (Sweet Treats 2013)
Greenwhich Village At Dawn (New York Style)
Head of the Class Green (Brilliant Colors 2013)
High Marks Purple (Brilliant Colors 2013)
Holiday Madness (Carnival Fiesta 2013)
I Got A Headache (Nude & Naughty 2013)
In Good Taste (Nude & Naughty 2013)
Jess' Champagne Toast
Jillian's Jammin' (Carnival Fiesta 2013)
Jordana's Skinny Jeans (Runway Fever)
Lemondrops (Summer Brights 2013)
Life of the Party (Some Like It Hot 2012)
Lilac Jelly Bean (Sweet Treats 2013)
Lily of the Valley (Some Like It Hot 2012)
Lindsay's Dancin' (Carnival Fiesta 2013)
Magna Cum Laude Turquoise (Brilliant Colors 2013)
Mother of the Bride
No Not Now (Nude & Naughty 2013)
One Shade of Gray (Runway Fever)
Orange Parfait (Sweet Treats 2013)
Pillow Talk (Nude & Naughty 2013)
Pink Diamonds (Dazzling Diamonds 2012)
Pink Flip-Flops (Summer Brights 2013)
Purple Hearts (Dazzling Diamonds 2012)
Rio's Rockin' Bands (Carnival Fiesta 2013)
Rusted Vintage Boots (Runway Fever)
Shannon's Attitude
Smarty Pants Pink (Brilliant Colors 2013)
Soho At Night (New York Style)
Stardust (Dazzling Diamonds 2012)
Straight A Coral (Brilliant Colors 2013)
Sunshine (Some Like It Hot 2012)
Surf's Up (Some Like It Hot 2012)
Tres Chic
Very Bare (Nude & Naughty Collection)
Wanna Samba (Carnival Fiesta 2013)
Butter London (cruelty free)
All Hail The Queen
Matte Finish Top Coat
Catrice (cruelty free)
Heavy Metalliliac
King of Greens
China Glaze
108 Degrees (Island Escape 2011)
2NITE (OMG Holographic 2009)
Admire (Romantique)
Adore (Romantique)
Agro (Hunger Games Capitol Colors 2012)
Below Deck (Anchors Away)
BFF (OMG Holographic 2009)
Black Mesh (Haunted 2011)
Blonde Bombshell (Eye Candy 2012)
Blue Island Iced Tea (Bahama Blues)
Blue Year's Eve (Let It Snow Holiday 2011)
Bogie (Vintage Vixen 2010)
Caribbean Blue (Bahama Blues)
C-C-Courage (Wizard of Ohz Ahz Returns)
Celtic Sun (INK)
CG In The City (Metro 2011)
Cha Cha Cha (Island Escape 2011)
Champagne Bubbles (Let It Snow 2011)
Cherish (Romantique)
Cling On (Magnetic I 2012)
Dorothy Who (Wizard of Ohz Ahz Returns)
Dress Me Up (Hunger Games Capitol Colors 2012)
DV8 (OMG Holographic 2009)
Fairy Dust
Fast Track (Hunger Games Capitol Colors 2012)
Fireside Glow (Ulta Exclusive, Christmas 2011)
First Class Ticket (Vintage Vixen 2010)
Foie Gras (Hunger Games Capitol Colors 2012)
For Audrey
Full Spectrum (Prismatic Chromaglitters 2012)
FYI (OMG Holographic 2009)
Glittering Garland (Let It Snow Holiday 2011)
Go Go Pink
Goin' My Way (Vintage Vixen 2010)
GR8 (OMG Holographic 2009)
Grape Juice (Summer Days)
Harvest Moon (Hunger Games Capitol Colors 2012)
He's Going in Circles
Holly-Day (Let It Snow 2011)
IDK (OMG Holographic 2009)
In The Lime Light (INK)
Instant Chemistry
It's Alive (Haunted 2011)
It's My Turn
Kaleidoscope Him Out (Kaleidoscope 2009)
Knotty (Anchors Away)
L8R G8R (OMG Holographic 2009)
Let's Do It In 3D (Kaleidoscope 2009)
Let's Groove
Lighthouse (Anchors Away)
Liquid Crystal (Prismatic Chromaglitters 2012)
LOL (OMG Holographic 2009)
Lorelei's Tiara (Eye Candy 2012)
Marry A Millioinaire (Eye Candy 2012)
Material Girl (Eye Candy 2012)
OMG (OMG Holographic 2009)
Optical Illusion (Prismatic Chromaglitters 2012)
Passion (Romantique)
Pink Voltage (INK)
Poinsettia (Let It Snow 2011)
Polarized (Prismatic Chromaglitters 2012)
Prism (Prismatic Chromaglitters 2012)
Pull Me Close (Magnetix)
QT (OMG Holographic 2009)
Ray-diant (Prismatic Chromaglitters)
Ruby Pumps (Wizard of Ohz Ahz Returns collection)
Sci Fi
Skyscraper (Metro 2011)
Snow Globe (Let It Snow Holiday 2011)
Some Like It Haute (Eye Candy 2012)
Spin Me Round (Kaleidoscope 2009)
Stella (Retro Diva)
Street Racing (Retro Diva)
Sun Worshipper (Poolside 2010)
Swing Baby (Vintage Vixen 2010)
Tinsel Town (Let it Snow Holiday 2011)
TMI (OMG Holographic 2009)
TTYL (OMG Holographic 2009)
Twinkle Lights (Let It Snow Holiday 2011)
ULTAmate Holiday (Ulta Exclusive, Christmas 2011)
Velvet Bow (Let It Snow 2011)
Visit Me In Prism (Kaleidoscope 2009)
Watermelon Rind (Summer Days)
White Cap (Anchors Away)
You Move Me
Claire's (cruelty free)
Glitter Top Coat (no name)
Color Club (cruelty free)
Alter Ego (Alter Ego Collection)
Angel Kiss (Halo Hues 2012)
Best Dressed
Beyond the Mistletoe (Beyond the Mistletoe Holiday 2011)
Blue Heaven (Halo Hues 2012)
Candy Cane (Beyond the Mistletoe Holiday 2011)
Cherubic (Halo Hues 2012)
Cloud Nine (Halo Hues 2012)
Earthy Angel
Electronica (Dance to the Musique collection)
Fashion Addict
Foil Me Once (Foiled 2011)
Gingerbread (Beyond the Mistletoe Holiday 2011)
Glittery Envy
Halo-graphic (Halo Hues 2012)
Harp On It (Halo Hues 2012)
Hippie Chick
Jingle Jangle (Beyond the Mistletoe Holiday 2011)
Kiss Me Mistletoe
Love 'Em, Leave 'Em
Magic Attraction
Noveau Vintage
Revvvolution (Femme Fatale collection)
Runway Muse
Sex Symbol
Slow Jam
Space Case
Starry Temptress Topcoat
Sugarplum Fairy (Beyond the Mistletoe Holiday 2011)
Sultry Diva
Totally Mysterious
Ulterior Motive (Alter Ego Collection)
Uptown Girl
Wild At Heart
Wild Orchid
Worth the Risque (Femme Fatale Collection)
Cover Band

Deborah Lippman (cruelty free)
Almost Paradise
Angels We Have Heard On High
Deck The Halls
Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?
Don't Tell Mama
Dream A Little Dream of Me
I Love The Nightlife
Lady Is A Tramp
Lady Sings The Blues
Let's Hear It For the Boy
O Holy Night
Ruby Red Slippers
Shake Your Groove Thing
Today Was A Fairytale
e.l.f (cruelty free)

Enchanted Polish

Essence (cruelty free)

A Cut Above (LuxEffects Collection)
Armed and Ready
As Gold As It Gets (LuxEffects Collection)
Bikini So Teeny
Eternal Optimist
Fear Or Desire
For The Twill Of It
Go Overboard
The Lace Is On
Merino Cool
Mojito Madness
Pure Pearlfection (LuxEffects Collection)
Sand Tropaz
School of Hard Rocks
Set in Stones  (LuxEffects Collection)
Shine of the Times (LuxEffects Collection)
Stroke of Brilliance (LuxEffects Collection)

Finger Paints
Asylum (Special Effects Collection)
Color Inside The Lines
Drawn To You
Flashy (Special Effects Collection)
Flecked (Special Effects Collection)
Haute Taupe
Lemon Sour
Motley (Special Effects Collection)
Twisted (Special Effects Collection)
Glitter Gal

Hard Candy (cruelty free)
Matte-ly in Love

Hits Speciallita

Julep (cruelty free)
Rivets (appliques)
Kat Von D High Voltage Nail Laquer
Mad Max
No Regrets

Kleancolor (cruelty free)
Angel Red
Diamond Green
Diamond Purple
Metallic Fuchsia
Metallic Green
Metallic Pink
Metallic Purple
Metallic Red
Metallic Sapphire
Peaceful Heart

Lime Crime (cruelty free)
Crema de Limon (Les Desserts d'Antoinette 2012)
Lavendary (Les Desserts d'Antoinette 2012)
Milky Ways (Les Desserts d'Antoinette 2012)
Once In A Blue Mousse (Les Desserts d'Antoinette 2012)
Parfait Day (Les Desserts d'Antoinette 2012)
Pastelchio (Les Desserts d'Antoinette 2012)
Peaches  Cream (Les Desserts d'Antoinette 2012)

Brit Invasion (London Fall LE 2012)
Owl's Night (Project Runway LE 2011)
The Muse's Attitude (Project Runway LE 2012)
The Muse's Inspiration (Project Runway LE 2012)
The Mystic's Fortune (Project Runway LE 2012)
The Mystic's Future (Project Runway LE 2012)
The Queen's Ambition (Project Runway LE 2012)
The Queen's Might (Project Runway LE 2012)
The Temptress' Power (Project Runway LE 2012)
The Temptress' Touch (Project Runway LE 2012)
Tweet Me (Trendsetter 2012)


Max Factor
Cool Jade (Max Effects)
Emerald Green (Max Effects)
Fantasy Fire (Max Effects)
Silver (Max Effects)

Blue Blowout (Color Show)
Blue Freeze (Color Show)
Downtown Brown (Color Show, Limited Edition Fall 2012)
Porcelain Party (Color Show)
Wine & Dined (Color Show)

Milani (cruelty free)

Models Own

NOPI (Nicole by OPI)
I Lilac Gumdrops
It's Not Me, It's Blue
Light As A Candle
My Cherry Amour
Snowman Of My Dreams
You're An Angel
NutraNail Gel Perfect UV Free Gel Color
Lily Pink

Alpine Snow
Be A Dahlia Won't You (Nice Stems Collection)
I Lily Love You (Nice Stems Collection)
It's My Year
Last Friday Night
Pros & Bronze
Sparrow Me The Drama (On Stranger Tides collection)
Tasmanian Devil Made Me Do It
Warm & Fozzie (Muppets collection)


Orly (cruelty free)

Picture Polish
Rescue Beauty Lounge (cruelty free)
Opaque Pink


Sally Girl

Sally Hansen

SOPI (Sephora by OPI)

Shimmer Polish

Sinful Colors

Tony Moly

Wet N Wild (cruelty free)
24 Carats (Ice Baby Glitters)
ATTEN Hut! (Tough Girl 2013, textured)
Back Alley Deals (Ice Baby Glitters)
Beauty Is A Battlefield! (Tough Girl 2013, textured)
Believe Me, It's Real (Ice Baby Glitters)
Black Light Party (Megalast, Summer 2013)
Blue Visionary (Megalast, Summer 2013)
Break The Ice (Megalast)
Cost Is No Issue (Ice Baby Glitters)
Craze Burgandy
Craze Light Brown with silver shimmer
Craze Maroon shimmer
Craze Orange glitter
Craze Pink with glitter
Craze Purple with holo glitter
Craze Red Creme
Craze White shimmer
Creepy Pumpkin (Fantasy Makers 2011)
Diamond In The Rough (Ice Baby Glitters)
Fatigue Glam (Tough Girl 2013, textured)
Femme Trouper (Tough Girl 2013, textured)
Ferguson Crest Syrah (Fergie 2012)
Field of Greens (Megalast, Summer 2013)
French White Creme (Wild Shine)
Give Me A Price Quote (Ice Baby Glitters)
It's All In The Cut (Ice Baby Glitters)
Left, Left, Left, Right, Left (Tough Girl 2013, textured)
On The 101 (Megalast, Summer 2013)
Poison Ivy (Pick Your Poison, Megalast, Fall 2012)
Punch It Up (Megalast, Summer 2013)
Purple Potion (Fantasy Makers 2011)
Rockin' Rubies (Ice Baby Glitters)
Sea Change (Megalast, Summer 2013)
Tough Girl (Tough Girl 2013, textured)
Toxic Apple (Pick Your Poison, Megalast, Fall 2012)

Zoya (cruelty free)
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