Monday, February 13, 2012

Color Club Foil Me Once + Color Club Candy Cane (+stamping)

Just for kicks the day before Valentine's Day, some pink polish! Glittery pink nail polish. So I paired two colors made for each other - Color Color Club Foil Me Once and Color Club Candy Cane.

Color Club Candy Cane over Color Club Foil Me Once

Color Club Candy Cane over Color Club Foil Me Once

I wore this for about, oh, two hours before I felt it needed something more. So I added some white tiger stripes. I used Sinful Colors Nail Art in white and stamped on my pattern.

The white went on a little rough, but I think that's due to the glitter underneath. I probably should have used a heavier topcoat or Gelous to even it out before stamping. Also, that dang middle finger wanted to be persnickety and not take the entire pattern, so I photographed it from angles mostly.

I really like the pink glitter and white combination. I think next time I attempt this, I'll make sure to smooth off the glitter and use a heavier white. Investing in some Konad polishes may be in order.

Any fun plans for tomorrow night? I may have to take my husband hostage and make him take me out to dinner. Or cook me dinner. That sounds better. And a foot massage. =)


  1. Oooh, I like it! The strips and sparkles are a good mix.

  2. Hi, I nominated you for 2 awards, if you want you can pick them here

  3. love this combination, one of my fav! you've got very pretty nails :)

  4. Simple but pretty... I really need to do some more nail stamping :) I need more images too lol. Great job!!!


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