Monday, February 6, 2012

Comparison: Dark Glitters with Holo

OK I've had enough pink and red for a little while, so I decided to throw in something dark and glittery! I got Orly Rock It recently and I thought it looked awfully similar to some other colors I have ...

What do you think? Am I crazy? OK, so I am a little crazy, but that's beside the point! =) I decided to compare them anyway!

I'm sure you guessed, but they're swatched in the same order the bottles are pictured.
1st/Index=Wet N Wild Diamond In The Rough
2nd/Middle=Sally Hansen Glitz Gal
3rd/Ring=China Glaze Some Like It Haute
4th/Pinky=Orly Rock It

I think the first three are pretty dang similar, and for the cost Wet N Wild is best, but hard to find, so I'd go with China Glaze Some Like It Haute because it's widely available at a good price. Orly Rock It isn't a dupe, but it's fairly similar, but it's darker and smaller glitter.

What do ya'll think? And if you answer, I agree you're crazy, I'm OK with that! =)


  1. Wow, they are similar. I actually have both the Sally Hansen one and the China Glaze one, but I never thought they looked so much alike. :)

  2. I like all of these. They look almost identical to me!

  3. I have all 4 of these too and I thought the same thing. Especially the CG and the SH were what set off my comparison.

  4. i don't think you're crazy, but now you know 3 of them are more or less the same, you can probably swap or sell the others! I think Gem Crush looks the best, glitter-wise, I only have Rock Solid and I'm kind of annoyed I got it instead of the ChG :(

  5. I love comparison posts, good catch!

  6. Thank you for the comparison! I just have China Glaze Some Like It Haute and I'm perfectly fine with it, but it's not a bad thing to have back up bottles.

  7. The look the same, I have Wet N Wild Diamond In The Rough
    so I don't need Orly Rock It :-)

    1. Dam I also have China Glaze Some Like It Haute

  8. LOL,I have 3 of these! Kaki, I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award! See the post here

  9. I totally agree, I have all but the SH Gem Crush one. Oh well, I love em all :) except they're topcoat eaters ;/ lol


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