Here is a list of tutorials/advice/guidelines I've found helpful and thought I'd share! None of these are done by me, which is why I'm giving links to the rightful owners. They're also in no particular order right now.

Painting/Clean Up
Laquerized - Clean Up in 6 Easy Steps
Laquerized - How I Paint My Nails
Loodie Loodie Loodie - Moisturize Your Nails with Acetone
The Polished Perfectionist - How To Wrap Your Tips

Nail Care
Chloe's Nails - Nail Care
The Polished Perfectionist - Hand & Nail Care

Files & Shaping
Nails by Kayla Shevonne - Different Nail Shapes & How to Achieve Them
Nails by Kayla Shevonne - All About Nail Files
Laquerized - How I Shape My Nails

Laquerized - 25 Different Nail Polish Finishes

Chalkboard Nails - Nail Photography Basics (Part I)
Chalkboard Nails - Nail Photography Basics (Part II)
Chalkboard Nails - How to Build a Lightbox
Laquerized - How To Photograph Your Nails
My Awesome Beauty - How to Photograph Swatches
The Polished Perfectionist - Pretty Pictures of Polished Paws

Tips & Tricks
Chloe's Nails - Tips, Tricks, & Myths

Nails by Kayla Shevonne - Manicuring 101

If you have questions on something you don't see here, let me know, and I'll do my best to dig up some info on it!


  1. I'm looking for tips on how to apply glitter polish so you get an even distribution of sparkles. I have Sally Hansen In The Spotlight (with bars of glitter) and some of my nails are practically sparkle-free!

    Thanks, Amy

  2. This is a great round up of tips! Thanks for putting them all together!


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