Friday, February 17, 2012

Orchid Polishes Swatches + Review

Orchid is a new brand (to me, you can read about them on the grocery stores website here) I found recently while out of town. I seem to have developed a new hobby - stalking local stores while out of town for new or hard to find polishes. It's been fun.

So back to topic ... Orchid is a brand I happened across with a huge amount of polish. The cashier and bagger both mentioned they liked the colors and hadn't seen them before. I chose four that caught my eye. No glitters (sad) but I got four shimmers, which is almost as good.


Le brush ... standard.

 Skittles in same order, three coats on bare nail...

Orchid Nail Polish - Glass of Bubbly, Pretty in Pink, You Can't Afford Me, Funky Monkey

Glass of Bubbly is a sheer white with multicolor shimmer. It's beautiful as a topcoat, but in order to get it near opaque, you will cramp from the layering. I suggest a potty break and adequate hydration.

Pretty In Pink is a sheer light pink with multicolor shimmer.

You Can't Afford Me is a sheer light purple with multicolor shimmer. This is the one that caught my eye. It's so pretty.

Funky Monkey is a sheer bronze with slight orange duochrome with shimmer. When I grabbed this one, it reminded me of the glitter duochromes by Ozotic. Alas, it's super thin and best as a topcoat, but layered enough it can be opaque. I have no idea if this is close to Ozotic polishes, because I haven't opened the one I purchased a few weeks ago.

I only have a few pictures of layering...

Orchid Pretty In Pink Under OPI Sparrow Me The Drama
Sally Hansen Crushed under Orchid Pretty in Pink
Orchid Funky Monkey over Sally Hansen Choco-Latte
Has anyone used these before? Any shade recommendations? The display I saw (dang, I should've taken a picture) had about 50-60 shades.

I purchased these at H-E-B grocery store (local grocery chain in South Texas) for $4.99/each for 0.5oz bottle.


  1. I have a number of these - one of my favorites is Hot Mess.

  2. I didnt know that brand. But they look beautiful very glitterish.

  3. I don't know this brand, looks very pretty

  4. I have several of these but I've only used Bedazzled which is a sheer peach jelly with iridescent microglitters. It's a pretty topper over a nude polish which is the mani I currently have on. I am going to try out Starry Night next, it's a blue jelly with iridescent sparkles. I picked them up at HEB for 4.97 each. I don't know if they are an HEB exclusive but I haven't seen them anywhere else so far.


Glad you stopped by. Have a great day!

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