Sunday, February 5, 2012

Week 6: Half-Moon Mani

I'm back with Week 6 of the 52 Week Challenge.

I went through a couple of ideas, and eventually settled on this one, although I couldn't decide between the two nail colors, so I used both!

Looks kinda Christmas-y to me .... Hrmm.

Anyhow, I like the color combo! I used Sally Hansen Celeb City, Sally Hansen Save The Date, and Essie Go Overboard. And the circle paper hole protector thingies. Those too.

I hope you guys like! Thanks for reading. Please don't forget to check out everyone else's nails to see their version of the challenge!


    1. I really like your idea!! And you also got a really sharp line for the halfmoon!

    2. This looks cool! I like that you used both colors!

    3. They're so neat! I've done mine 4 times already and I'm still not happy with them to post :(

    4. <3 these!!!! So cute! Amazingly crisp lines too. Got any tips? Do you take the sticker off right away or let it dry? Any particular brand you used for the dots?

    5. Love the colors you chose! And the fact that you alternated them :) It looks really cool that way :D

    6. But who says Christmas colors are bad? :)

      I like how neat your half-moon lines are!

    7. Yours is gorgeous! It's so clean and awesome. I don't think it looks Christmas-y, but only because I see the dark color as blue and not green.


    Glad you stopped by. Have a great day!

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