Saturday, November 26, 2011

Color Club Beyond The Mistletoe Nail Polish Collection Swatches and Review

UPDATED POST: More hits are coming from this post, so I figured I'd jazz it up a bit and provide a few comments...

color club beyond the mistletoe
Color Club Beyond the Mistletoe swatches,

Color Club Beyond the Mistletoe Nail Polishes were released in October 2011 (I believe) and it is a set of six polishes:
Holiday Splendor - green base with green and silver glitter (not pictured, sorry!) 
Sugarplum Fairy - clear base with light purple and holographic glitter 
Candy Cane - clear base with pink and holographic glitter
Beyond the Mistletoe - clear with blue, green, and holographic glitter
Gingerbread - clear base with gold and holographic glitter
Jingle Jangle - clear base with purple and muticolored glitter

Application was typical of glitter - sparse at first, but they all built nicely. Not very gritty, and smooth with one coat of topcoat (I used Seche Vite). Removal wasn't exactly horrific as they hadn't dried completely when I took them off, but I can imagine it being rough unless you use the acetone and foil method.

On to the good stuff:

color club sugarplum fairy
Color Club Sugarplum Fairy
color club beyond the mistletoe
Color Club Beyond the Mistletoe
color club jingle jangle
Color Club Jingle Jangle
color club candy cane
Color Club Candy Cane
color club gingerbread
Color Club Gingerbread
I can't remember why I didn't order Holiday Splendor... No matter, I love these polishes. Tons of glitter. Sugarplum Fairy is my favorite, it comes so alive in the sun!

While perusing the great world wide web, I found The Edge Of Insanity who did a post on this collection, and apparently these colors coincide nicely with the Color Club Foiled Collection, so they're great to layer together. I'll let you check out her post if you want to know which go best together. I do happen to have the Foiled Collection sitting and collecting dust. so I may have to break that out and see about this layering business.

Hope you like this preview and I hope it helps with shopping!

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