Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Sally Hansen Hard As Wraps

This is my current base coat/nail treatment that I try to keep on my nails at all times, especially under colored nail polish. I have very weak, thin nails and most nail treatments aren't that helpful. I rarely wore nail polish before a few months ago because it would always chip within a few hours and wouldn't last more than a day. Because of my job, I can't have chipped nail polish, so I would go bare for the most part.

I picked up two polishes that were in the Hard as Wraps collection, and when I wore one a few months ago, it didn't chip for THREE DAYS. That may not be much time for most of you, but for me, it was a lifetime! My nails would generally give or bend, which would crack the polish, and then it would chip and flake. With that polish, it didn't, even through showers!

When I went back to purchase every color they had, the collection had been sadly discontinued. I did find this little gem - the Hard as Wraps base coat. It's secret weapon is the acrylic gel in it - it thickens the nail and makes it stronger. It makes my polish last days longer and I can use almost any brand of nail polish without problem!

I will say that recently I've heard good things about Qtica Natural Nail Growth Stimulator so I ordered it with my most recent Ulta order so I'm curious if I'll like it.

What is your favorite nail treatment or base coat? Any suggestions?

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