Wednesday, November 9, 2011 The Regimen - Day 4

I still think the benzoyl peroxide was a bit much for my sensitive skin and that was causing the itching and redness. My eyes were a bit swollen so I stayed of the BP for a day and probably will start reapplying only once a day tomorrow night. I'm hoping by using less product less often it'll decrease the irritation. I went searching under FAQ section about how much to use because the instructions say "two pumps" but mine is in a large squeeze tube... So I saw how much you're supposed to start with and I was using double that. Oops.

On a better note, my face is looking much better already. No real new breakouts, which is nice. My makeup is going on smooth also. This regimen is making my face super red, which it was already prone to getting before, so I'm wearing Revlon ColorStay which is super full coverage and it helps tone that down. I usually have to use some sort of exfoliation daily - clarisonic face brush, apricot scrub, etc - but even without any of that me skin is soft and smooth. Interesting.

Hopefully things will calm down in another day or so and I can restart using less and my face will finish clearing up! 

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