Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wet 'N Wild Fantasy Makers Glitter Eyeliner

Just a few swatches of two of the eyeliners WnW had out this past Halloween. I really like them. Sometimes I want to jazz up my eye makeup with a little (ok, a lot) of glitter and these helped! 

The two I picked up were Mystical and Magical. Gotta love the names!

I got into these pretty quickly, hence the torn up packaging. Sorry everyone!

Mystical is a medium purple eyeliner with purple glitter. This one is more opaque. I prefer glitter liners with a base color, they seem to show up much better.

Magical is a clear eyeliner with turquoise glitter. This one is nice and bright but needed a few coats to be seen.

I really like both of them - too bad I can't wear them to work! I'm not sure my boss would approve... Has anyone tried these? Any other colors I should have gotten?

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