Sunday, November 13, 2011

Random Eye Look using Wet 'N Wild

Hola. Just wanted to share a random eye look I did the other day before going to lunch with a friend. I used the Wet 'N Wild Comfort Zone. I already depoted by palette into a Uni palette (oops) so no pics of the colors but I hope to do some swatches soon. There are 3 palettes total (I think) and I'm contemplating getting the other two just because I like this one so much. I actually purchased it because one of the colors is, or so I thought, a pretty medium brown/taupe with blue duochrome. I was wrong. It's a deep brown, almost burgandy/wine with greenish blue duochrome. Still pretty but not what I had intended.

Anyhow, there are 4 browns on the left of the palette and 4 greens on the right. I used the greens (obvs) the way they are labeled to be used... Light green "eyelid" on the eyelid, dark brown "crease" in the crease, ruby/blue duochrome "definer" in a V in the outer corner and used wet as a liner, and light green shimmer "browbone" on the browbone and inner highlight(although I did go back and use a matte nude shade on top of the browbone to tone it down).  Underneath the eye I used the eyelid color on the inner 1/2 and a mixture of the two darker shades on the outer half. Topped with mascara!



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