Saturday, November 19, 2011 Review - Day 14

Two weeks! So I must say, my skin is improving. It's nice and soft and smooth, which I adore. My makeup is so much easier to apply and I don't seem to need as much. By laying off a few days then coming back using less BP every other night, my skin seems to like it much better. I've worked up my amount of BP to a little more and I'm also using it every night and my face is happy, which makes me happy. My husband went out of town for a week and came back yesterday (yay!) and he mentioned my skin looks much smoother and clearer. And that's something if a boy mentions it! Haha.

Anyhow, I was reading more about it on and I think when I get closer to needing more product, I'll order the larger sizes and include the jojoba oil and AHA. I'll be moved away from my southern, hot and humid weather to somewhere that it's colder and dryer, so I'm sure I'll need a bit more in the moisturizer department.

I will note that I'm not as oily as I usually am. I'm also using a mattifying primer (Cover FX Clearprep Matte Foundation primer) and setting powder on my makeup, and the weather is cooler, but I've never actually noticed my face not being oily (like, ever), so the fact that I noticed it means something is different.

Since I don't use The Regimen like it says, this is what I'm using...

The Regimen Cleanser
Cover FX Clearprep Matte Foundation Primer (2% salicylic acid)

The Regimen Cleanser
The Regimen BP (1 inch line)
The Regimen Moisturizer or BE
Philosophy Hope in a Tube eye cream

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  1. Acne are cool problem for many people and me to time to time. I would love to try your system.


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