Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Sephora by OPI Four Piece Nail Colour

That's quite a mouthful. And not very specific for this set, but it's very self explanatory. Please forgive the pictures, I'm still very new at this. All nails are three coats.


Spark-tacular Topcoat (forefinger) is the party color of the group. It's a clear base with multicolored fine glitter and hexagonal glitter. I see green, blue/aqua, hot pink, orange, yellow, and lots of silver.

Be-Claus I Said So (middle finger) is a clear base with fine red glitter and small hexagon red glitter. This one was nice, not quite as sheer as the gold but builded nicely.

Only Gold For Me Topcoat (ring finger) is ... meh. The one I'm least impressed with. It's a clear base with fine gold glitter and small hexagon gold glitter. It's the most sparse and hard to build. 

Are You Glistenin'? (pinky) is my favorite- clear polish with fine silver glitter and small hexagonal silver glitter. This one is much more glittery and easy to build. I'm planning on doing a full mani with this during December.

Other than the gold, I really like them, especially the silver and red!

Anyone planning on getting these? Any ideas for fun mani's?

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  1. I LOVE the one on your pointer finger! I wish Sephora wasn't so expensive, I always want everything when I go there!


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