Friday, November 25, 2011

Tokidoki Brilliante Glitter Eyeliners

I purchased these recently on sale from Sephora. I do love glitter, especially on eyes. I, of course, got a purple and two browns. I'm so predictable.

Rosetta - Lilac with gold glitter
Carina - Pink beige with gold glitter
Savana - Bronzed chocolate with gold glitter

Carina, Savana, Rosetta on Bare skin, no primer, no flash

I love the glitter. It's so pretty. My only complaint is that they're slightly dry and there is tugging involved when applying. You also have to do a couple strokes to get good color payoff - you can tell between 1-2 strokes for thin line and multiple for bigger swatch so you can see the colors. Also, you can't really see the glitter unless you're doing a fairly thick line. Unfortunately for me and my small eyes, I can't do a thick line, so the glitter is somewhat lost on my eyes. But the colors are nice. Overall, they're pretty but I'm glad I got them on sale, otherwise they wouldn't be worth it.

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