Saturday, December 14, 2013

Very Bare and In Good Taste

Rounding out the five polishes of Barielle's Nude & Naughty collection are In Good Taste and Very Bare. 

I'm putting these together because 
a) They are my least favorite out of all the colors
b) I have the least amount of pictures to show you the polishes

It's not because I'm trying to save time and key strokes. (What? Me? Lazy?)

barielle in good taste, barielle, in good taste, barielle in good taste nail swatch, swatch

Barielle In Good Taste is a deep chocolate brown creme. I didn't realize I was having to much reflection from the trees on my nails. It's a great color, very smooth. No topcoat and it's beautifully shiny.

barielle very bare

Barielle Very Bare is a lovely pale pink creme that has good coverage. Above is two coats on the tips. It's the closest swatch I have. It was the last color to photograph and in the sunset, every picture came out super orange and saturated and I couldn't fix the color balance. I'm so sorry.

Here is an example of my attempt to color correct the photos.

See? Not very helpful! 

Barielle polishes are 3 free and cruelty free. Polishes retail for $8/each but a set of 5 is $25. This polish is included in the Nude & Naughty collection available here.

Thanks for looking!

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