Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Field of Greens

What says I'm ready for spring more than yellow and green?

Barielle Lemondrops, Wet n Wild Field of Greens
Barielle Lemondrops, Wet N Wild Field of Greens

Barielle Lemondrops, Wet n Wild Field of Greens
Barielle Lemondrops, Wet N Wild Field of Greens

Barielle Nail Rebuilding Protein

Barielle Lemondrops
Wet n Wild Field of Greens
Seche Vite

When I was looking for a layering glitter, I found Sinful Colors and Wet N Wild with very similar looks. I only did one coat on a nail stick, but they look pretty similar. Wet N Wild Field of Greens obviously is more dense and Sinful Colors Call You Later has more golden glitter in it.

wet n wild field of greens, sinful colors call you later

I'd say Wet N Wild Field of Greens is the winner here since you get more polish for the  same cost, and is cruelty free!


  1. Hola! Me gusta mucho como queda el glitter negro sobre el amarillo!

  2. Wet n Wild has really come a long way! I just did two nail posts about their polishes.. I love them!!

    xo Maddy | spilledpolish

  3. Toluene, which is the main ingredient of SV is responsible for smoothness and drying time, evaporates from the bottle while you're using it. That's the reason why SV gets so sticky. I've read a few days ago that Seche Restore Thinner may solve the problem with consistency of SV.
    I'm also using this top coat but I didn't face the problem yet. Write me back if I helped you :)

  4. Best post on these lippies EVER!!!! Thanks for the swatches - even though I'm a woman of color, these pics gave me a rough idea of what to expect!

  5. I also find the Julep chips like crazy on me, and while the bottles are beautiful for display and storage, I hate actually painting my nails with them. The mile long brush just ends up making avoiding drips a big ol' hassle. Orly all the way!

  6. nice polishes


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