Monday, July 1, 2013


Happy July!

Here is a throwback to my long nail days! I found this one sitting in my drafts folder - all watermarked and everything. I showed it layered in this post, but it seems I completely forgot to show you the actual polish.

Zoya Kristen is a soft baby blue that leans slightly gray making it very comfortable. Reminds me of cool winter nights and long soft sweaters. Do nail polishes conjure up memories or emotions in you? Some do to me, and this is one of them!

Zoya Kristen

Zoya Kristen

Zoya Kristen

Zoya Kristen

Now I feel like pulling this one out and wearing it again!

Zoya polishes are available on their website and retail for $8.00.


  1. *Swoon* This is the kind of baby blue I adore.
    It looks gorgeous on you and yes, polishes on occasion remind me of things. In particular things related to my childhood, for some strange reason.


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