Saturday, July 13, 2013

Everyday Minerals

You may or may not know I'm completely in love with Viola from Killer Colours. She's gorgeous and has the best blog - makeup, nails, perfume, tutorials, helpful tips - everything! She has a philosophy that makeup doesn't have to be perfect so her looks have a wonderfully wide range to them.

Anyway. Enough of my Ode to Viola...

She raves about the foundation brush by Everday Minerals and so I've given in and ordered one. Or two. They have a great kit you can order where you can order seven samples for one penny ( plus shipping) so I scooped up some samples.

I ordered 2 face brush foundation brushes, mineral veil in transulcent, a multitasking concealer (free with purchase) and 7 samples: Light Olive (matte), Golden Beige (matte), Winged Butter (matte), Medium Beige Natural (matte), Golden Medium (semi matte), Olive Medium (semi matte), and Golden Medium (it).

These are swatches on my hands that never tan, don't ask me why because I don't know, so they don't match my skin well, but it shows coverage and relative comparisons.

Matte Finish: Light Olive, Medium Beige Natural, Winged Butter, Golden Medium (shade)

Matte Finish: Light Olive, Medium Beige Natural, Winged Butter, Golden Medium (sunlight)

Golden Medium (semi-matte), Olive Medium (semi-matte), Golden Medium (it) (Shade)

Top: Multitasking Concealer (sunlight)
Bottom: Golden Medium (semi-matte), Olive Medium (semi-matte), Golden Medium (it)

They feel, for lack of a better word, creamy. I know thats an interesting word to use with powder foundation but it seems to really glide on. Just from the swatches, I think the semi-matte will be too shiny for me, but I've seen plenty of reviews say it worked well for women with sensitive, oily skin, which is why I grabbed two of them. I'm not sure what I make of the "it" base.

I've used them a few times solo and on top of my BB Cream, and they are great! My camera battery was dead so no pictures, but I'll be sure to show you some comparisons for coverage.

Now on to the real show stopper! The face brush.

I'm SO glad I got two of these! They are fantastic and real multi-taskers! I use them for my BB Cream application, liquid foundation, and powder foundation along with setting powder application. I'm glad I have two, so I have one for liquid and one for powder. Soft bristles, doesn't shed even with washing, and doesn't leave streaks or uneven patches. It maintains its structure while in use, so the soft bristles don't flex and bend a lot so you don't need a lot of pressure to blend your makeup. Fantastic brush! I plan to buy more.

Has anyone used Everyday Minerals? Any suggestions or recommendations?


  1. I LOVE everyday minerals! I've been using their matte and semi-matte foundations for years now. I'll have to give their brushes a go-- I have a couple of their old ones, but should upgrade at some point!

  2. i've never heard of this brand! I need to try it. I'm in love with a good brush to apply liquid foundation, though. UD makes one that works amazingly. Can't wait to see the rest of the results!


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