Monday, September 24, 2012


OK Sally Girl, if you're going to make fun polishes, give them some names! I don't understand why it's so hard to name polishes. Unless they can't fit names on those tiny bottles so the numbers are better ... That's a thought.

Anyway, this is the color I used in my recent Nail Fail: Hot Mess post. This was the color under the glitter.

Sally Girl 812161 is a super bright, neon orange. This was three coats. It dried quickly, no problems with application. There is still a visible nail line, which I didn't care about since it was getting covered with glitter. Probably some white "underwear" would have made it more opaque. It did dry darker than the bottle.

I purchased mine at Sally Beauty Supply, the sole retailer I believe. They are $0.99 for 5.3mL or 0.18 oz. which isn't bad when you divide how much it costs per ounce. It's cheaper than most drugstore brands of polish. Of course, it's more expensive than Wet n Wild, but they have crazy awesome polish for super cheap!

Have ya'll gotten any of these Sally Girl polishes? Do you like them? I've gotten a couple, but mostly for extra goodies in giveaway packages and swaps. This is the only one I've actually used. It wasn't bad but wasn't awesome. Any thoughts?


  1. oh, 812161 is so cool name ;p
    gorgeous color :D

    1. It's name is Amped, 812161 is the SKU, they're kind of silly and print the SKU and not the name on some bottles but you can look them up on the website.

  2. I have quite a few Sally's polishes and I love them!! I used one of the blues for a galaxy mani and it worked pretty well instead of having to buy a similar colored full-sized CG :-)

    1. Ahh that makes sense! I always hate buying a full bottle of something for a specific project. I should remember that!


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