Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Out of Town Haul

I went out of town recently for a family matter and I decided since I was going on a road trip back to Texas to stop at every Walgreen's and CVS on the way to see what I could find! Thankfully for my wallet there were only 2 on the road, and 2 within the vicinity of the hotel, so it wasn't toooooo bad, but I did find lots more than I was expecting!

I'm going to keep this short since there are a ton of items, but if you want to know the colors, let me know!

Haul at Walgreen's

I found a display of all the L'Oreal Project Runway LE polishes and ended up grabbing six. Then my husband said, you might as well get the other two. YES you are right! haha So I have all 8 even though 2 aren't that interesting to me. Some Wet N Wild Megalast lipsticks, Essie Mojito Madness, some Revlon Just Bitten Kissable balm stains, and new release Wet N Wild polsihes round out the mix.

Haul at a different Walgreen's
Here I found all the new LE Sally Hansen Diamond Strength polishes. Most are comparing these to the Color Club Take Wing collection. I'm working on swatches! The other Sinful colors looked interesting (I found Winterberry, yusssssssss) and that ugly brown in the corner said it was matte. I swatched it. It lied. It's not matte. =P:.

Haul at CVS
More Revlon Just Bitten Kissable balm stains because I love them. And they love me. And they were BOGO 50% off.

Just to add this one somewhere!

Haul at a dollar store down the street from my house
I went in search of glue (BEST.GLITTER.BASECOAT.EVER.) and perused the makeup aisle. Mostly I found stuff I wasn't interested in, and then I found the Wet N Wild section. They had some interesting things so I picked up a few.

This is what happens when you keep me from stores too long - I go crazy. I didn't even spot the new Sally Hansen duochrome polishes, and that's what I had actually been looking for. Oh well. Maybe this week!

And yes Vita, that Comfort Zone palette is for YOU!


  1. I envy you for all does beautiful polishes! Great haul!

  2. Awesome haulage!! I can't wait for swatches :)

  3. You are so lucky to have found the Project Runway polishes!! I've been looking everywhere with no luck :-(

  4. I love that face mask! Smells great while on, but not so much as I'm washing it off :(

  5. Fantastic hauls! And I love the bottle of glue thrown in the mix lol =)

  6. I wish I could find the new Sally Hansens and L'Oreals around here. They are gorgeous!

  7. OMG! damn go you! Those new sally hansen polishes look amazing. So shiney and pretty. I love the colour of the essie too. Brilliant haul missus

  8. ahhhhh great haul! I got some of those Sinful Colors, too. The ones from the metallic collection? They're so awesome

  9. Kaki!!!! My heart just about stopped beating when I saw Comfort Zone!! I'm doing a happy dance right now! :)) xo You're the queen of hauling - love seeing all that L'Oreal stuff - and hats off to your husband for suggesting you get the lot!


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