Thursday, June 28, 2012

e.l.f. Essential 4-Piece Nail Polish Set - Swatches & Review

I graduate in TWO days. Yusssssss. So excited. I asked ya'll on Twitter if I should do some press on nails for the night or do my own nails. And it was an overwhelming DO MY OWN NAILS. Haha. I should have known. Having press ons or acrylics is taboo in the nail blog-o-sphere! =P


I previously put up a haul/review post on an e.l.f. purchase I made , and I mentioned the 4 piece polish set, but I decided those needed a post of their own! So here we are!

e.l.f. Essential 4-Piece Nail Polish Set includes four orange/pink/coral shades that are definitely IN this season! I bet these would make a killer gradient on the nail, especially the first and third polishes!

Fun names, not as exciting/silly as OPI but at least they're not just numbered.

Brush is standard, not amazing, but good at doing what it's supposed to do. No troubles with strange/bad brushes.

Some skittle swatches. (Say that three times fast, I dare ya!)

All four polishes are cremes and required three coats for full opacity. Flirty Fuchsia is the only one with a visible nail line (in the picture anyway) but in real life, they're all opaque at three.

e.l.f. Coral Dream, e.l.f. Coral Dream swatch, e.l.f. Coral Dream nail swatch, elf coral dream swatch

e.l.f. Coral Dream. Light coral (leaning pink) shade you've seen in a previous picture here. So this picture, I'm sure you're thinking, why the heck is there a line almost in the center of the nail and it turns pink on the other side? I really have no idea. ALL of the pictures of this one did it. I don't remember it looking like that in real life. Sorry guys! No good answer for you! =/

e.l.f. Flirty Fuchsia, elf flirty fuchsia swatch, elf flirty fuchsia nail swatch

e.l.f. Flirty Fuchsia. Beautiful medium pink, almost a little dusty. Antique pink. Anyway, pretty, good coverage. Flattering color for work or play.

e.l.f. Party Peach, elf party peach swatch, elf party peach nail swatch

e.l.f. Party Peach. Great bright peach. I'd almost call it more orange than peach, but whatever. Fun color, definitely in season right now.

e.l.f. Smokin Hot, elf smokin hot swatch, elf smokin hot nail swatch

e.l.f. Smokin Hot. Beautiful deep red-orange. Very classy but enough orange in it to be trendy.

Me Gusta:
  • Great price
  • Good pigmentation, opaque at two to three coats
  • Applied well, good formula

No Me Gusta:
  • Chipped in less than one day, even with base and top coat
  • Limited color selection overall for e.l.f. polishes

Verdict: Good deal for fun colors at a great price. 

You can buy these at e.l.f. where they retail at $5 for 4 polishes (each 10mL or .34oz).


  1. Pretty polishes. Love the Coral Dream!

  2. oh I love coral polish! Never tried elf though. Works out a bit dearer with shipping so I just stick with essence :P

  3. Oh my, I love these all. They are such warm and juicy tones for summer!

  4. Love the coral dream polish!

  5. Pretty colors and great price! Congrats on graduation!!!

  6. Beautiful colors, especially first two!

  7. congrats dear :)
    the fuschia color is really cute~

  8. I would wear every single one of these! Even though the staying power wasn't so great, I'd love to try them out because the colors are just fabulous. I need to get myself to a Target quick!

  9. I like Coral Dream. I completely agree with the peach one being more orange.

  10. Never liked those ELF polishes. I use their other cosmetics and I have seen some that looked nice online, but I haven't actually run across any myself.

  11. They all sing of summer to me!

  12. My favourite is Coral dream, but it's so sad that they chip that fast :/

  13. I have this set also. I love all of the colors, but like you said, they chip fast

  14. I need more corals in my life! These are gorgeous!

  15. Congrats on Graduating, I didn't know or even think about doing a blog on the nail polish colors I have. What a great way to keep track of the Nail Polishes that we have. Great Idea, and Excellent Job on this blog!


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