Saturday, June 9, 2012

May Goodbye's

Here's my second edition of product goodbye's! The first one seemed to be enjoyed, so here is my latest batch of things I've used up!

May's Goodbye's!

Bath & Shower

Head & Shoulders 2in1 Green Apple. This stuff was ok. I tried the 2in1 because, (a) green apple scent drew me in and (b) I figured it would be less drying on my hair. It actually made my scalp worse and I'm not sure if it was the added conditioner making it way to heavy for my scalp or the scent. Verdict: Won't repurchase.

Wen Cleansing Conditioner in Sweet Almond Mint. LOVE this stuff. I use it almost every day. I alternate out with a dandruff shampoo a few days a week for my scalp, but then I will use this on my ends to keep them super soft and shiny. I enjoy the scent, but I like some of their other scents more. Verdict: I will definitely keep using this - but I won't be repurchasing for awhile as I have 5 more bottles to use! 

Bayberry Naturals Soap in Pink Grapefruit (not pictured). I LOVED this soap. Not drying at all, I felt clean and refreshed. The scent was awesome - sweet and a little tart. A real eye opener in the mornings. Verdict: Will repurchase in the future.

Fortune Cookie Soap Lime in the Coconut bar soap (not pictured). Great bright green soap that smells great. Again, citrusy and tart. Looks like they don't sell this one anymore. =/ Which is ok. It was nice, but nothing amazing. I have a few other FCS soaps to use, but I think I prefer Lush or Bayberry Naturals smells and cleaning ability. Verdict: Won't repurchase.


Equate Medicated Apricot Scrub. Staple in my morning shower routine. Must have at all times. I switch back and forth between the St. Ive's version and this Walmart generic brand. I don't have a preference. Sometimes it's cheaper to go through Ulta during a sale and get more of the St. Ive's kind, and other times it's cheaper at Walmart. See, I can try to save money! haha. This baby was already replaced before I was out. Verdict: Definitely repurchase!

Fortune Cookie Soap Clear Complexion bar soap (not pictured). This was a sample bar from a purchase I made previously. I liked it, but I felt it didn't clean my skin fully. Maybe I need a rough scrub to feel clean, but I wasn't too thrilled with it. Verdict: Won't repurchase.


Make Up For Ever HD Powder. I finished two of these - travel sized and full sized. I love this powder. It sets great, doesn't alter the color of your make up, and doesn't make you look like a ghost or super dry. It IS expensive. I'm currently trying a different powder for a less expensive alternative. Verdict: May repurchase in the future. I am keeping the tubs to fill with other powders though. =P

Benefit Some Kind-a Gorgeous in Medium. I bought this on a recommendation of a friend who has great skin. She loves it. I'm kinda meh about it. I'll be putting up a full review later, but basically I think I need more coverage. I do like the cream-to-powder idea though, and it's totally convenient to carry. Verdict: On the fence. Will likely repurchase, only to not use often.

Bare Escentuals Blush in Pink Petal. I got this in a BE set I purchased awhile back. Glimmer and gloss? Shimmer and glitter? Glam and glitter? I have no idea. It came with a few products, one of which was this blush (hence the fancy gold dots on the cap). I didn't care for it much when I first bought it because I was using more peach blush at the time, but since it's warmed up into spring and summer recently I decided to start using it. I liked it, nice flushed color, easy to apply, built easily. I've always liked BE products, one of my fav brands! Verdict: Limited edition, so can't repurchase.

Korres Pomegranate Mattifying Primer. I received this as a sample on a order. I like that the line is natural and it's tinted, so it helps give a little something extra. It's a bit shimmery, which I try to avoid, and it didn't do much for increasing the wear of my foundation nor did it keep me matte longer. Verdict: Nice, but won't repurchase.

Maybelline 510 and 605. These are super old and I'm kind of embarrassed to include them. I must have gotten these 3+ years ago. I found them again whilst looking at my insane stash and decided they have to go, even without using them up. I don't even think they sell them anymore. I never really liked them much anyway. No love lost. Verdict: Won't repurchase.


Nailtiques Nail Protein 2 plus. I really like this stuff. It does contain formaldehyde which I feel works better for my nails. I've been using this for awhile, off and on, and always come back to it because it does do a great job. Verdict: Will repurchase. Already have two more bottles as back up!

Sephora by OPI Quick Dry Drops. I tried this after all the rave reviews on Sephora's website. Again, not impressed. The smell wasn't great, they didn't dry my nails any quicker than my quick dry top coat, and I used it up quickly. Verdict: Won't repurchase. 

BUT I did like the little bottle. So I have other quick dry drops with a great aromatherapy scent. So cute and pretty with the blue liquid in it. 

All in all, not a bad month. I'm glad I'm using up so much stuff so I will have less crap stuff to move next month. It seems we have our house to rent for the first few months until we decide where to purchase. It's basically half the size of our current house, so that should be interesting ...


  1. Wow, I am envious of your ability to stick to your products and use them all up!! I am so wasteful! D:

    1. Haha I'm so bad about finishing stuff but I'm motivated since I'm moving. Every product is one less thing to toss (and waste) or move! =P

  2. dang you really use things up! i stick with a couple of products but it takes me forever it use it all >___<

    1. =P All these products I'm using up were already over halfway used up, I just used them for a few days and finished them off!

  3. I love the Wen. I'm not good at using up products unless they don't cost that much to replace. LOL

    1. Haha Yeah I'm usually the same way but I'm so all over the place I need to use up some stuff I just have a few more uses in to make room for new stuff! =)

  4. Whoa you got through a lot of makeup! Wish I could do so well cos I'm drowning in it...

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