Saturday, June 30, 2012

Milani Runway Eyes Summer 2012 Eye Shadows - Swatches & Review

I don't have graduation nails for you. Actually (this is so awful I can't believe I'm admitting it to you!) I didn't do my nails at all. AT ALL. I had on China Glaze Fast Track on my nails and I just didn't have time to do anything with them before the ceremony. Blah. I'm such a failure. Although I did fix my hair and makeup and I got many compliments on looking beautiful. One person even said I looked like a doll. Yay. Best compliment ever.

Anyway today I have some pretties for you so you won't be mad at me coming here empty handed! =P

I have the three new Milani Runway Eyes Sumer 2012 Eye Shadows in Peaches & Cream, Antigua, and Golden Touch. I actually got these in a giveaway Milani had going on Twitter. I saw a friend who tweeted a message and I retweeted, and then a few hours later, I won! Craziness.

A luxurious, silky-smooth powder eyeshadow baked on terracotta tiles.  The glitter overspray temporarily adds sparkle to this pearl finish eyeshadow. The innovative shade of the curved applicator was designed for a quick and easy application.

Milani Peaches & Cream is a gorgeous light pink shade with a golden sheen. This was the most pigmented shade of the bunch. Really pretty.

Milani Antigua is a gorgeous dusty dark brown-green with golden and wine sparkle. Very pretty, almost a duochrome depending on how much gold is reflecting. Very interesting color. This is one you could do a wash on your lids and it would reflect back different colors.

Milani Golden Touch is a gorgeous off white, golden shade. Gorgeous as a highlight or inner eye color.

One thing I wanted to point out because I noticed it will all of these and I've seen it with all their baked shadows. Glitter overspray. Boo. Trickery. No bueno.

Me Gusta:
  • Gorgeous shades
  • Blends easily
  • Lovely gold sheen
  • Straightforward packaging, doesn't clutter
No Me Gusta:
  • Glitter overspray - deceiving
  • Not very pigmented/bright
  • Applicator sucks, throw it out
Verdict: I like these. Multiple uses, great shadows, love the golden sheen.

Milani Runway Eyeshadow is available wherever Milani is sold and these retail for $6.99/0.07oz.

Product(s) in this post were received in a giveaway by Milani Cosmetics on Twitter.


  1. Wow these look awesome! My drugstores around here suck they never carry any of the new stuff :(

    1. Awww that sucks! I hate when I see things I should have access to and then I stalk, and stalk, and nothing!

  2. these are really beautiful! i love the lighter shades cause i'm into the whole natural/glowy makeup thing atm (:

    1. Me too! And they're all nice soft washes of color - nothing heavy here!

  3. May just have to pick up Golden Touch~

  4. All three of these shades swatched differently than I imagines. I will def have to check this collection out. Thanks!

    1. I know, right?!? I was like uh really? But then I was very happy with them, so I thought I'd share!


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