Sunday, June 24, 2012


OK ladies, you better email me or we're gonna have words. =P

Tishana - Essie or Orly?
Susie  - Essie or Orly (depending on what Tishana picks)
Narmai - Sally Hansen Gem Crush Collection

Please email me your shipping info and I'll get this out to you as soon as I can!


  1. Darn didn't win. Congrats to the winners! (Hope they actually email you!) :)

  2. Yay! Congrats to the winners! (Man, they better email you, or I'm gonna be mad for you!)

  3. Hurray--for winners who actually respond! Come on, you three!

  4. There's a wiener right here! Hahahaha :-p I just can't believe it!

    I've sent you an email!

  5. Woo Hoo! I'm SO excited last time I won something was 8 years ago! Thanks so much! I just had access to a computer now! I have my "smart"phone but it won't ever let me access blogger UGH! Anyhow thank you so very much!

    1. Ahhh you're gonna hate me but I can't find the your email with your information on it. I THOUGHT I saw it this morning, but I can't find it anywhere in my email. Please send it again! So sorry.

    2. I just reemailed yah! :) could never hate u!


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