Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Milani Haute Flash Lip Gloss - Swatches & Review

I think I've made it well known that I LOVE Milani lip gloss. There are few products I will run out and get every color just because I know the quality is fantastic and they will not disappoint. Milani lip glosses are one of those. I have a few of their regular lip glosses, all the Lip Flash pencils, and now the Haute Flash Lip Glosses. 

Here's what Milani has to say about them ...
"A full coverage, highly pigmented lipgloss with an extra glossy shimmer finish. The non-tacky, anti-feathering formula and flexible soft sponge applicator allows for easy application."

These are the colors I have (obviously, since they're the only ones you're seeing!). It seems I'm missing 102 Flashy (you can see it here on Fierce Makeup and Nails though!), but I'm on the look out for it. Or I can just buy it off the website, but that's so much less fun than searching for it in the stores!

Milani Haute Flash Lip Gloss comes in a long sleek tube that is clear so you can see the lip gloss color. It's a soft, flexible wand that is rectangular in shape, not doe foot like they usually are, and it dips a little in the middle which conforms to your lips when you apply it. Also, when you pull the applicator out, the lip gloss is removed from the narrow sides of the applicator, so it's just left on the top and bottom. It sounds strange, but hopefully you can see it in the pictures below, but it makes it much nicer to apply.

Some skin swatches, applied in the same order as they are above.

And some lip swatches. I promise my lips aren't this huge in real life. =P

Hot Flash 101 is a great bright red with red shimmer (MUCH brighter than it looks in this picture). It's super bright with lots of pink. Looks lovely with a neutral eye or a dark winged liner.

In A Flash 103 is a beautiful, vampy dark purple gloss with magenta and blue shimmer. The shimmer is noticeable but not distracting. The dark purple is gorgeous. 

Star Flash 104 is a gorgeous blue-leaning light pink with blue shimmer. Not as opaque as the others, but very pretty. Very girly. The blue isn't very noticeable on the lips.

Golden Flash 105 is a neutral, tan lip gloss with orange and green shimmer. Again, the shimmer isn't very noticeable unless you build up the gloss, and then it's only available in direct lighting.

Quick Flash 106 is a gorgeous light pink gloss with pink shimmer. Lighter pink and less blue leaning than 104 Star Flash.

Milani Haute Flash Lip Glosses are available wherever Milani is sold. I bought mine at CVS for $7.46/0.18oz.


So sorry I left this part out! They are not sticky at all! That's what I LOVE about Milani lip glosses. They are full coverage in one swipe across the lips and they don't get goopy or sticky. <3


  1. Oooo, sparkly! I love them on you (although I'm not sure I'd love them on me, I do love a matte lip! :P )

  2. The purple one is phenomenal but I'd never be able to pull a look like that off :P

  3. I like 106 but I think you could pull off any of them. I don't want to sound like a creep but you have really pretty lips.

  4. Are they sticky at all? I worry about buying lip gloss, because all the ones I've bought have been so sticky I just can't keep wearing them (even brands like MAC and Clinique, which makes me so, so sad).

  5. These look pretty! I would also like to know are they sticky? I am not very fond of sticky lip glosses.

  6. Pretty!! I'm going to have to check these out. I also want to know about stickiness. I don't like lip glosses that leave my lips feeling goopy and stuff.

  7. many swipes did it take to get that color? That is SUPER-pigmented! I'd like to know about the stickiness too!

  8. whoa these look extremely promising!! the bold purple one is my favorite, although i'd most likely go for one of the last 3. i'm in the biggest neutral makeup phase!

  9. Hot Flash is gorgeous. I wish I could pull off such a bright color.

  10. I really like red and purple one.

    Your lips huge? They're perfect.

  11. The One I love from this line is the one called Flashy, which is a bright pink! Absolutely gorgeous! These are very cool as well!

  12. I really like the darker two glosses. Star Flash looks pretty too, but I have darker skin and never really took to the makeup trend of lighter lips than the rest of your face. Are the light colors sheer enough that theyvwouldnt do that?

    1. All those swatches on my hand are a single swipe, so they're pretty opaque with one swipe. They're not very sheer at all, but they pinker ones are def light in color but not in pigmentation. If that makes sense .. =)

  13. I love two of them the most: the last one and the 104. They have a natural shimmer! Beautiful.

  14. omg, thse are amazing!! I wish we had Milani over here :(

  15. Not sticky?? Hmm, I'll have to give these a try then! I HATE when lip gloss is sticky, it drives me nuts!

  16. Wow, the red and purple are so pigmented! Really pretty!

  17. Hotflash looks amazing! Honestly I may run out today and grab one- have been looking for a fun summer color that's not sticky! Looks great!!


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