Sunday, January 29, 2012

Week 5: Newspaper Mani

I'm back with Week 5 of a 52 Week Challenge.  I was excited to try this one. I had seen a few pictures and tutorials, but hadn't set out the time to do it - now it's mandatory!

Not too bad, although it was a trial of patience. And trouble shooting. 

Problem #1. No pale polish to use as a back ground. Really? How is that possible?!? So I mixed Sephora by OPI Break A Leg Warmer and Sally Hansen White On and made my first franken (sorta). 

Problem #2. No newspaper. I had to go buy an entire newspaper just for this challenge. Sigh.

Problem #3. Newspaper ink wouldn't transfer. So I don't know if anyone else had this same problem, but I couldn't get that dang ink to transfer. I realized an hour into it that it was probably because I used a coat of SV to help speed things along, and newspaper ink doesn't like smooth topcoat. So I made another batch of franken gray and no topcoat this time, and it transferred much better.

Anyone else have these problems or am I the only dud? =)

I hope you guys like my nails! Thanks for reading. Please don't forget to check out everyone else's nails to see their version of the challenge!


    1. Nice mani! I want to do this also!

    2. I have this on my to-try-list but I always find something else to do with my nails :P But I love this technique and yours turned out great ;) Well, I have pale polish but never a newspaper at home :D

    3. You may have ran into road blocks but I think your end result turned out nice!

    4. The first newspaper I used did not transfer well. I then switched to a different newspaper (that just happened to be put on a shelf) and the transfer worked better. I like your end result!

    5. I really like it! I'll have to try it too.

    6. This is so cute! I’m a new follower. I just love your blog. Check out mine; you may want to follow back. Happy Sunday!


    7. I love newspaper nails!! I think its so cute!

      I tagged you for the 11 Questions, you can read about it on my blog!(:

    8. So glad someone else did what I did.. but you had the courage to press on! (literally?)
      Anyway, great job..I definitely want to try again..

    9. I like how yours came out! I think part of my problem was that I wasn't using light enough nail polish. I wish I had pictures...grrr....

    10. Oh! I love it! I have tried to do this sort mani so many times, and I can never get it to turn out.
      I am also really tempted to do this challenge, but I'm all ready doing so many I'm not sure I would have time.

    11. I think u did a great job!!! I also wanted to tell you that there are nail polish sets out there made specifically for this mani!! One company that make a "typography kit" is called The New Black! You might want to check them out!!! They agreed to allow me to be an ambassador for them! I am just waiting for the nail mail. Just wanted to share the info!!!

    12. Tried this once @.@ The newspaper went soggy with pail polish xD


    Glad you stopped by. Have a great day!

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