Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Milani Lip Flash Gloss Pencils - Revisited

Do you remember this post when I showed you a few Milani Lip Flash gloss pencils? Prob not. It's ok. I won't hold it against you.

I want to tell you all the things I love about these pencils. I was going to write a poem, but I was having trouble rhyming the word pencil.

OK, so they're technically called Milani Lip Flash Full Coverage Shimmer Gloss Pencils. Whatev. They're brilliant! What I love about these pencils is that they're full coverage like a lipstick, feel light like a gloss, and they apply (obviously) as a pencil so they're easy to use and very portable. No leaking lip gloss or goopy applicators or caps coming off in your pocket. Has that ever happened to you? No? Oh. Me either.

I have a few more to share today, so I went ahead and did them all together. Oh my gosh this post was a long time coming! I originally did the ones I had, then bought a few more and redid the post, then found the last one that was missing (Number 03!) and had to do the main pics AGAIN. Sheesh! I swatched them on my lips, which was kinda fun (but crazy time consuming). I hope this shows how much I love you guys! Please excuse the various tip lengths and usage, but since I slowly pieced together the entire collection and I've been using them a lot lately!

I kinda thought three of them looked pretty darn similar, so here is a hand swatch of them close together.

Close Up of 04 Photo Flash, 06 Flashy, 07 In A Flash
On to the fun swatches!!

milani lip flash lip flash swatch
Milani Lip Flash 01 Lip Flash
Milani Lip Flash in Lip Flash is a pretty one, though an unexpected color. The tube is a bronze brown, but on the lips, it's more of a muted mauve. Strange. My lips don't have a lot of color on their own, so I don't think my lips made it more pink/mauve. Either way I love this color.

Milani Lip Flash 02 News Flash
Milani Lip Flash in News Flash is a beautiful, dark, vampy plum. Applies very stark but has a beautiful gloss that keeps it multidimensional. This one started bleeding almost immediately and wears off unevenly. I redid this one like 5 times, but I could never get a nice even line. I think you'd def need a lip liner with this one. Great color though, sexy!

milani lip flash flash light swatch
Milani Lip Flash in 03 Flash Light
Milani Lip Flash in Flash Light is a bright coral creme. Beautiful color, looks very orange, but it applies more peach/coral so it's very flattering. This one was super sheer and I kept having to go over my lips with the stick.

milani lip flash photo flash
Milani Lip Flash 04 Photo Flash
Milani Lip Flash in Photo Flash is a bright pink with micro hot pink glitter. My camera freaked out with photographing this one, so you know it's bright! Def an attention seeking lip color, but so beautiful and very flattering. Leans purple slightly. I love how this makes my lips look smooth and full. Going on it glided without effort. LOVE. (p.s. I love this picture of my lips. Rawr.)

milani lip flash hot flash swatch
Milani Lip Flash in 05 Hot Flash
Milani Lip Flash in Hot Flash is a bright, true red. Covers well, went on nicely, very flattering. Blue leaning red, very cool toned. This one was the other bleeder. I think a little lipliner and concealer around the edges, and you'd have red lips all night.

milani lip flash flashy swatch
Milani Lip Flash in 06 Flashy

Milani Lip Flash in Flashy is a sheer, light purple. Glittery even though my pictures didn't pick it up. The colors seem to go from creme to glitter as the numbers increase. Anyway, this one is pretty bright and attention seeking. When I wore this, I got lots of compliments.

milani lip flash in a flash swatch
Milani Lip Flash in 07 In A Flash
Milani Lip Flash in In A Flash is a glittery sheer medium purple with fine magenta glitter that builds nicely to an opaque color. Slightly rough, not quite gritty, but not as smooth as the the lower numbers. This one is definitely more purple, so maybe not work friendly, but totally pretty and fun to rock!

milani lip flash star flash swatch
Milani Lip Flash 08 Star Flash
Milani Lip Flash in Star Flash is a light pink with fine purple glitter. Definitely the lightest of the set, I'm not sure who could wear this color. It was the most unflattering in terms of color and texture. It seemed to sink into the lines of my lips and exaggerate them. Not a fan of this one, but maybe over a lipcolor or lipstain? It reminds of of the 60s.

I really like these, and am glad I grabbed them! My only concern now is when I need to sharpen them, I think I may need to buy one, because I don't have anything that sharpens this size pencil, and I have no lip pencil sharpeners...

I bought mine at Walgreen's for $6.99 each (I think, that's what Google says they sell for there) but I'm sure you can find them cheaper or on sale (At CVS Milani is having a Buy One, Get One 50% off right now)


  1. Wow great post! We appreciate all the time and effort you put into this ;) The swacthes turned out so pretty, I love the first one and 04 Photo Flash, gorgeous colors!

  2. They are pretty! Love the review of each color!

  3. I think the only one I would realistically wear is flash light, but I love in a flash! I wouldn't normally take a second glance at these glossy pencils, but I recently got a hard candy one i love so I might try these now!

  4. pretty! I love 'photo flash' & 'in a flash'. you have pretty lips! :) Also, i tagged you i my most recent blog post!

  5. I like the lip flash, I have flashy and wear it for going out, it's a fun color. I wasn't expecting lip flash to be such a pretty mauve, like you, because of the bronze color outside, that is strange. Thanks, I'll be more likely to try it now!:)


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