Friday, January 27, 2012

Tony Moly Nail Polish Galaxy GT Line Collection

TonyMoly Galaxy GT Collection is a total glitterfest! I saw these on Gladys @ Nail Fanatic and had to get them! You can check out the website at Tony Moly but there are a ton of sellers online (ebay, etc) that likely offer them cheaper (considering shipping charges).

TonyMoly has a list of products, including face and nail care, and they're polishes are 10mL and look like Cult Nails bottles. The website says it "does not contain harmful ingredients so it is safe to use" so read into that as you will.

Tony Moly Galaxy GT Collection

Tony Moly Galaxy GT Collection

Tony Moly Galaxy GT01 Mercury
Tony Moly GT01 Mercury. Dark gray base with tons of silver glitter and a small amount of red and green glitter.

Tony Moly GT02 Earth
Tony Moly GT02 Earth. Charcoal gray glitter with blue, green, and red glitter. Mine dried almost like a matte. I like this finish, pretty cool, but not how other swatches turned out for other people. Strange.

Tony Moly GT03 Mars
Tony Moly GT03 Mars is a dark brown base with bronze, orange, and red glitter. Not your usual colors but I like it - definitely different.

Tony Moly GT04 Neptune
Tony Moly GT04 Neptune is a gorgeous dark green base with small green and silver glitter with medium bright green glitter. I like this one - it reminds me of Christmas for some reason.

Tony Moly GT05 Jupiter
Tony Moly GT05 Jupiter is a dark purple base with small light purple glitter and medium blue glitter. I really like this one just because it's so bright. And it's purple.

All the polishes were a good consistency to work with, applied opaque in two coats, and were just a wee bit gritty. I didn't put a topcoat for picture purposes but I'm sure it would even things out. Removal was the same for all glitters - hard - unless you use the foil method.

I got mine on eBay for $34.99 with free shipping from seller babieslinx, although from a google search a lot of people have had good success with HSCimports on eBay. My shipping was quick and my package arrived in excellent condition.

Any other foreign brands/collections I should check out?


  1. I love glitters and these are amazing.

  2. I think these are just WOW! I love how the glitter looks!

  3. oooooh love these! never heard of this brand. so pretty

  4. Never heard of this brand but all the colours are so pretty :) I've tagged you on my blog - xxx


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