Friday, December 9, 2011

Day 9 - Red/Green

I had originally thought to try a gradient or water marbling but I didn't have time to get that worked out, so I went simple and tried to do plaid. Mine kinda looks like drunken plaid, but it's red and green so we'll call it good.

I used Revlon Emerald City (matte finish which is why my polish looks blurry, it's crazy) and Sinful Colors red striper polish. Every time I see the word striper, I read stripper.

Super cool polish, finish is more rubbery than matte, but it's cool nonetheless!

revlon emerald city
Revlon Emerald City
Make sure to see what everyone else is doing - Ally-RoseKellyLexiSteffiKirshtenSalpiSabineShannarapaint that nail, Theodora R.JessicaBridget.

On a side note, the more designs I see with stamping, the more I want to stamp! Any suggestions? I know I've heard of Konad and Bundle Monster, any other stampers recommended? I don't know much and I've asked Santa, but Santa is a boy which means he's useless when it comes to nail stuff, so I figure I need to be specific or who knows what I'll get!


  1. Cute! Remind me or presents! :) xox

  2. Ally-Rose - presents are always a good thing!

  3. Looks cool! And the green is gorgeous! Btw, I just love how you write your posts, it's really fun reading them :D Best phrase ever: "Santa is a boy which means he's useless when it comes to nail stuff" =))))))

  4. Theodora-Thanks! I try to keep this interesting so people will come back! And I like to think of myself as a witty conversationalist.

  5. You've been tagged:

  6. Emerald city is a great colour. Normally I use a top coat has I prefer the colour shinny instead of matte.

  7. Patricia-Wee! Fun.

    Shannara - Thanks!

    Beautyshades - I love it too! I should have tried it with top coat, but the matte finish is kinda fun

  8. Drunk plaid how funny! It is cute! Good colors!

  9. I've bought the Mash set from Amazon as well as both Bundle Monster plates. I personally think the 2nd Bundle Monster plate is the best. The full size images are large while the Mash plates are small. The Mash plates are pretty cheap though and better engraved than the Bundle Monster ones. All of the Mash designs can be had in both Bundle Monster sets plus Bundle Monster has some extras.

  10. Nail Reflections - Thanks!

    Jessica - Ah, an answer! Nice overview, thanks!


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