Saturday, December 10, 2011

Day 10 - Poinsettias

So I've given up on all nail manicures. I'm not that patient nor talented. So I've been working on accent nails, so to speak.

I used Revlon 3K Or More and Sinful Colors nail art polishes in red, blue, green, and gold glitter.

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  1. This poinsettia is gorgeous! And don't give up! Sometimes it takes time but the work will pay off :)

  2. I also love glitter so I had to follow your blog:)
    The nail design is quite good. Well done

  3. Theodora - Thanks! I'm hoping once I get some brushes and a dotting tool I'll get more control. Hey, at least I have room to improve!

    Beautyshades - Yay! thanks for following along the fun! And thanks.


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