Thursday, December 1, 2011

Day 1 - Snowfall

Day 1 is already here. So here is my first attempt at nail art, so be nice. But I understand if you cringe. Hehe.

Here we go ...

It's almost like a really bad french manicure! Haha! I used China Glaze Dorothy Who?, China Glaze Snow Globe (I'm beginning to LOVE this polish), and Sally Hansen White On.

Anyone else doing this challenge? Please let me know so I can follow along!


  1. Your first Nail Art ? Really? Well, it turned out great :) And I love that you painted a pile of snow on your tips :D

  2. You did a great job! Way better than mine.

  3. i love the snow french tip! :) and the glittery blue looks really nice with the theme!

  4. You guys are so nice! Gives me hope! Haha

    Theodora - Thank you so much! Yeah, the snow pile was kinda fun.

    Jessica - You're my next stop to check out others. I bet yours are awesome.

    Shannara - Thanks, can't wait to see yours!

    Shally - Gracias. =)

    Kelly - I thought the blue was fun too! But I'm also a glitter freak, so ...

  5. Wow! Awesome job! My design was more simple :P LOL

  6. Kirshten - I loved your design though. Very pretty!

    AlexandraRC - Ha, so glad you could look at it with open eyes!

    Ally-Rose - Thanks bunches!


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