Friday, December 2, 2011

Day 2 - Snowflakes

I'm having so much fun with this nail art challenge! I'm especially having fun seeing everyone's nails and ideas. So many interesting interpretations! I use a lot of exclamation points.


I had a great image in my mind (actually the idea was stolen from the awesome thatleanne Simple Holiday Nail Art Ideas) although hers is MUCH better. I need to find a different brush to do fine lines. And get bigger nail beds.

My nails are a hot mess. Heh. My lines were too thick to get a lot of detail, but the idea was there. Sigh. I hope I get better! Although I am pleased to see my purple background came through as purple and not blue, as most purple polishes do in pictures.

To see what I wanted them to look like, check out Theodora's day 2 nail art - so much prettier and what I had intended them to look like. Hehe

I used China Glaze C-C-Courage and Sally Hansen Celeb City.

Don't forget to check out  KellyLexiSteffiKirshtenSalpiSabineTheodora R.JessicaAlly-RoseShannara, and of course, paint that nail! They are also doing the nail art challenge and are doing some beautiful work!


  1. love the silver with the purple!

  2. Purple and snowflakes - two of my favorite things!

  3. Shannara - Thanks. I like the combo too!

    Nana Patty Jo - Mine too!

  4. purple and silver is one of the best combinations ever! I'm happy you like my snowflakes, but I'm sure you can do that too, with a little exercise - and like you said - thinner brushes :P

  5. Theodora - I sure hope so. I'm being put to shame with these designs!

  6. So pretty!!! The colors are beautiful! <3

  7. I'm doing this challenge as well, it's so cool to see everyone's interpretations every day! I love the base color you used - so much more interesting than a plain solid color!

  8. hi,

    I gave you the nail art friendly blog award,
    you can pick it up if you like...

  9. I Drink Nail Polish - Thanks! I do love a good purple.

    bmwmchick - Ha! That's what I thought when I used it. I'm glad someone noticed it. =)

    Shannara - Thank you so much! My first. I'll make sure to pay it forward.


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