Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Challenge WrapUp & Versatile Blogger Award!

So I was totally in love with the all inclusive picture Theodora did on her blog, and she made me one. Isn't she the best?!? I wasn't expecting her to go through all that work for me, but I sure am glad! Here is my pic (but hers is much better since she's got MUCH better skillz with the nailz)

24 Days of Christmas Nail Art Challenge Recap

I received this fun award from Theodora (have I mentioned enough that she's totally awesome!) and Emm... Yay!

There are 2 rules that come with this award: 
1.) List seven things about yourself
2.) Pass to 15 bloggers

1. I used to work as a nail tech in high school. I used to have a ton of polishes and do my nails (and my friends nails) but it never really grew into an obsession until recently.
2. My favorite color is purple. It would be glitter if glitter were a color.
3. I went to THREE different high schools in the span of four years. I was always the new kid.
4. I love doggies! I have three that I rescued (but they live with my parents, sad) and I constantly bug my husband about getting one.
5. I am scared of flying, stinging insects even though I've never been stung. I have no idea why, but the longer I go without getting stung and the more people tell me about it, the more I freak out when they are near me.
6. I love sci fi and action movies. I've been told I have the movie tastes of a 16 year old boy.
7. I've been sky diving and I LOVED it.


I forward this to ...


  1. I'm so so glad you liked it! It was a pleasure making this photo for you ;)

    I love action movies too! :D
    And you were sky diving? How cool !!
    Purple is also my favorite :D My whole room is purple and white ;)
    Although my favorite polishes are blue :D ...strange :P

  2. Scared of flying but love sky diving. Interesting... Love the comprehensive pic!

  3. Theodora- That's so cool! And that's funny that blue is your preference on your nails.

    Nana- thanks!

  4. Late to the party, but thank you so much for the tag! You're sweet. And you'll probably have to remind me to do it!!! :)

  5. Thanks for the tag! Loved all your nail art for this challenge, wish I could have stuck with it. Maybe next time.


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