Monday, December 5, 2011

Day 5 - Snowman Face

I went back to simple today. Those little snowmen wore me out! My poor little faces are all uneven. Sorry about some of the blurry shots. They aren't very clear on my camera LCD so I can't tell they're blurry until I've already done all the pictures and then some. Sigh. I'll get used to all this technology one day.

I used Color Club Revvvolution (BEST. POLISH. EVER.), Sally Hansen White On, Sally Hansen Hi Def 3D.

Just so I can see it again ...

color club revvvolution
Color Club Revvvolution

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  1. OMG! I love the background!!!

    I also like that one of your snowmen is frowning...hehe.

  2. These snowmen are too adorable! I love the Color Club background color!

  3. Jessica. I love that color too! And I am glad someone noticed the frowner! Haha. I snuck it in there.

    Nail reflections. Thanks!

    Kirshten. Revvvolution is the most awesome color!

  4. Love these! That club revvvolution polish is gorgeous! xox

  5. Ally Rose. I know! It almost distracts from the faces!!

  6. These are freakin' awesome! I lol'd when I saw your middle finger!! That's great! :o)


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