Sunday, July 29, 2012

Urban Decay Eye Shadow Comparisons

I have some Urban Decay eye shadow comparisons for you today. I depotted my Urban Decay eye shadows in some magnetic palettes and when I was picking and choosing what shadows to keep in certain palettes, I found some shadows that are super similar. Probably not a big deal, but if you really want a shadow from one palette, it'd be nice to know if you have one that's similar!


For comparison purposes, I've included indoor lighting on left and sunshine on right. Different colors look really similar in certain lights, but not in others. I'll say my piece after each, but really, you can decide for yourself if they're close or not.

Ace vs Gunmetal. Ace is a little darker and more blue, and Gunmetal is more silvery and has more shimmer to it.

Snakebite vs Deeper. Snakebite appears to be darker and have more gray in it. Both take on a more reddish appearance outside.

Sin vs Flow. Sin is more pink based, and Flow is more yellow based, but outside in the sun they look comparable. Both are awesome highlights, and it's nice to be able to use the one that matches the colors of your look.

Verve vs Midnight 15. Pretty comparable but Midnight 15 has the chunky glitter and is slightly darker.

Midnight Rodeo vs Sidecar. Midnight Rodeo is more golden and lighter, while Sidecar is darker and more brown based.

Absinthe vs Home Grown. Absinthe is more opaque and blue based with a golden shimmer, while Home Grown is more sheer and yellow based.

Toasted vs YDK. Toasted seems to have more pink in it, while YDK is more golden. In the sunlight, they both have a reddish tint and YDk appears a little darker.

MIA vs Hustle. MIA appears brown/red, while Hustle looks a little more grayish.

Those are the ones I spotted while moving eyeshadows around. Any dupes or other similar ones I should know about? I really want Fishnet, Graffiti, and Peace from UD, so I'm not sure if I have something similar already...

Oh! And did you hear? Urban Decay pulled out of the China market, so no animal testing! I'm sure it's old news, but I wanted to relay it since some of you may not have heard.  =)

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