Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Summer Challenge: Swimsuits & Ocean

Catch Up Post!

I'm posting two together to catch up so I've done them all. I'm being lazy with one but I just can't fit in another mani in 2.5hours. I have to be up early for my first day at orientation. I know, back to the real world. One month off is more than enough, right?

Summer Challenge: Swimsuits

Striped bathing suit nail art
Summer Challenge: Swimsuits

What is that?

So this design is from a swimsuit of mine when I was little. It was the first one I remember. I used to take swimming lessons and for being soooo good, my mom bought me this bathing suit. It had vertical black and white stripes on the trunk, and around the legs it had purple and green stripes outlining the leg holes. It's not a very good description but essentially it's what you see in the picture. I just remember being so proud of myself for earning that new swimsuit.

You did what?

Yeah, so when I went swimming the first time with it, my stomach was tanned in stripes! When I showered after, I couldn't figure out what was going on. Apparently, the white reflected the sun and the black absorbed it, but I had vertical tan lines all over my trunk. Funniest dang thing ever!

Products Used

Sally Hansen Miracle Growth
Milani White On The Spot
Acrylic Paint

I know it isn't the best and it's kinda sloppy, but I did it and I wanted to share it! So there. =P

Summer Challenge: Ocean/Sea

Ocean/Sea blue sponging nail art
Summer Challenge: Ocean/Sea

You can read details on this mani here. This is the "underwear" for my dolphin/shark mani.

Products Used

Sally Hansen White On!
Sally Hansen Calypso Blue
Milani Beach Front
Milani Sail Away
Petites Night

The End

That's all folks! Hope you enjoyed this Summer Challenge by TheKaki (thank you Cuti-CLUE-les for the nickname!) and hopefully we will have another soon. This was fun!


  1. Lovely mani; and SUPER lovely episode!! :D
    I can imagine how cute you were...small girl wondering what's on for their tummy XD

  2. I love your ocean nails, they are adorable!!

  3. I love your ocean nails!
    I love the color composition, perfect!
    Following you now (:


  4. So cute, the swimsuit one is adorable! x


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