Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Born Pretty Stamping Plate in M60 - Images & Review

Today I've got I received the Nail Art Stamping Plate in M60. I couldn't get a good picture of it without my face with my pink camera reflecting back, so we'll just use the Born Pretty store image ...

Before I started stamping my nails, I tried stamping a piece of paper first. A post-it, to be exact!

Born Pretty M60

I had a little trouble with image transfer, especially the plaid design. I will say that I was using regular nail polish and not stamping polish, which I think is where I had my trouble, because from what I can see, most people loved this plate and had no trouble with image transfer.

I did a little stamping over Enchanted Polish nail polishes, and I used OPI Alpine Snow and Petites Night for stamping, and I used a Konad stamper and scraper. I had decent image transfer, but I think most of my problem was not using the right polish. I haven't had much luck with stamping and you can see a difference just between my ring and index fingers, both using the same stamp but different polishes, and how different those transfered.

The Born Pretty Store has a lot more than just nail art products available (even though they have a ton of polishes, stamping plates, nail jewelry, tape, etc) they also carry iPhone cases, artificial nail supplies, makeup, and more! I was surprised and I have been snooping on there a lot recently as I'm interested in picking up a few more things from there!

I've already got my eye on the Nail Art Brush set and some glequins!!

Of course, they're dedicated to getting you guys great products at discounted prices, they included a discount code to use on your purchase - use RA7X31 to save 7%! They offer free shipping (no minimum required) and they ship internationally. I put a banner on the sidebar in case you want to order later but forgot the code!

Check them out on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, or go shopping at the Born Pretty Store!

Product provided for review.


  1. I just received this plate too! My images definitely don't transfer either. The designs are just not etched deep enough

  2. It happened to me with the special polish from Konad, but sometimes the result is better with a regular polish, so exactly the opposite that happened to you. I don't know what is their secret :)

  3. The quality of the plates is the problem. I got a set from them and almost none of the images worked, they all came out like yours or worse. I got the run around with customer service until I finally posted about it. THEN they sent me new plates. Using the exact same polish I had used before my new plates are much better. You can find the whole story on my blog.

  4. Plate looks very nice, shame it doesn't transfer!

  5. That's a shame that the design don't transfer in good conditions :(

  6. Bornpretty is kind of awesome. I got my dotting tools there. Try essence or Barry M polishes. Some of those work really well for stamping. Julep January worked for me too if you want to stamp red =P

  7. I haven't tried any of their plates, but I do really like that gradient dot image! ^.^

  8. i have this plate and love it! As crappy as stamping as i am, i HAVE found that it definitelyyyyy makes a difference if you use stamping polish or not. I just bought Konad stamping polish off amazon for cheap (but you probably know that already). I still think your mani looks great, though!

  9. lovely plate :-D
    maybe you used an oil based polish remover, with the stamping you must always have an oil free remover...

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