Tuesday, July 10, 2012

June Empties

I can't believe June is over, and we're almost halfway done with July. My hubby is in charge of all the moving biznaz so my only part of it is having to pack my overnight bag and a few other necessities! Ya'll will be glad to know that my nail polish and makeup is priority so it's going in the car with me and it'll be accessible once we're in our new place so I can stay on top of things!

June Goodbye's

June Goodbye's: Bath & Shower 

Wen Cleansing Conditioner in Sweet Almond Mint. Love this stuff. I've sang its praises before, so I won't again. Verdict: Will repurchase, as soon as my stash is gone.

L'Oreal Vive Pro for Damaged/Dry Hair. This was actually left at my place over a year ago by a friend and I've had it in my guest bathroom since then. I just used it up to get rid of some stuff. Decent stuff but weighs my hair down. Verdict: Won't purchase.

Lush Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb & Butterball Bath Bomb. Love these! They make your water pretty colors and generally have glitter so the water shimmers when you move. Great things. I have a few more to use before I move so I will be enjoying a few more of these. Caution: Dragon's Egg will make your water look like dirty urine. Just saying. Verdict: Def buy again!!

Hilarious conversation with my husband....
(Draining tub after using Dragon's Egg Bath Bomb, see above what water looked like)
Husband: Ewww, you must have been dirty! Look how brown that water is!
Me: I wasn't dirty, I dropped a bomb in there.
Husband: OMG you what?
Me: No! Not that kind of bomb! A bath bomb!
Husband walks away.
/end scene

June Goodbye's: Hair

Aussie Catch the Wave. I really like this stuff. It's mousse and leave in conditioner in one product. It's nice for when I'm in a hurry so my hair won't frizz and it's left nice and soft. Great combo product. Verdict: Will buy again!

June Goodbye's: Skincare

Philosophy Microdelivery Mini Peel. Love these pads. They keep my skin nice and soft. I swear I have leather for skin and I have to use an abrasive cleanser every morning to keep it smooth and even. I haven't had luck with regular peels, but these little babies are awesome. They have acids that gently peel your skin on a daily basis, so I use them before bed a few times a week and my skin is softer and smoother. Verdict: Will repurchase.

Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar. Before bed, I like something gentle since most nights I'm putting some type of treatment on my skin before going to sleep, and this is perfect! I got a mini bar to try and I will be moving up to a bigger bar or the liquid version. Great facewash for sensitive skin! Verdict: Will repurchase.

June Goodbye's: Makeup

Kirkland's Daily Facial Wipes. Bought a box of these on Amazon due to recommendations from bloggers/YT'ers as a nightly cleansing/makeup removing ritual. I like these more than I thought I would. They smell great, very moist so one wipe will clean off your entire face of makeup, and the box I purchased came with a 2 packages of 30 and 2 travel packages of 15. I used different packages randomly, and finished off three this month. I bought another version at a local store, but they suck. Verdict: Will buy again, as soon as I've used up my other ones that suck.

Too Faced Primed & Poreless. I got this sample and it went quickly. Smoothed my skin, tinted for better coverage (or can wear alone if your skin is better than mine!), no real scent to it. I have used this before and enjoyed it, but never purchased it, and this sample reminded me I like it, but it wasn't anything grand. Verdict: Meh, won't purchase.

Revlon ColorStay Active. This is so freaking old I don't think they sell this stuff anymore. Used it up, finally. Good coverage but balled up over primers (I guess it had some primer stuff in it so they didn't play well?). Dried on the face quickly so you had to work fast. It did stay on very well considering it went on bare skin with no primer. Verdict: Won't repurchase.

Almay SmartShade Foundation in Light/Medium. Interesting foundation that looks a little gray but gave decent medium coverage. Went a little orange on me, but some foundations tend to oxidize on my oily skin and become orange. Verdict: Won't repurchase.

Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eyeliner in Aubergine. They don't even make this anymore. It was in a dark plum shade, which was nice for my brown eyes. I love dark colored liners, not so stark as black but give a nice color to pop my eyes. Dried out before I could finish it up. Verdict: Can't repurchase, and wouldn't even if I could.

e.l.f. Mineral Face Primer. This I purchased on a whim went I bought a ton of elf products. Feels very slippery but dries down once you apply it. White bottle but clear product. You never know how much you have left. Went fairly quickly. I used one pump, but my makeup stayed better with two pumps on my face. Too greasy for liquid foundation for me, but worked beautifully for mineral foundations. Didn't mind it going quickly since it's very inexpensive compared to other primers. I don't feel I can justify repurchasing it now considering it didn't quite work well for me, but I'll likely look into it again in the winter. Verdict: Won't repurchase now, but maybe later.

That's all I got for ya! Sorry this is so late in the month but I didn't want to flood your readers with posts so I'm trying to space them out.

Speaking of goodbye's, I'm leaving town tomorrow to pick up my dad since he'll be helping us move, so I won't be able to do any more nails or posts until we're settled at our new place. I have posts scheduled while I'm gone, but please forgive me if I'm slow to respond or comment. It's gonna be a busy couple of days for me!!


  1. ooo, I've been wondering about Wen...i want it...but I don't.....lol

    I've heard good things about the Kirkland wipes too. Must try!

    1. Wen is totally worth it. I love it. But it is addicting and expensive, so don't take the plunge unless you can support the habit! And yeah the Kirkland wipes are def awesome.

  2. Haha so funny conversations youhave with your man!!! I love to hear those ones!!
    And hey, how comfortable to not have to pack!! Lucky for you!! Andi'm with you with wanting to havecontrol over the make up. I can see you sitting in the back seat with the most fragile of products in a box safwly put in your knee....with your arms around it haha!! Good luck moving!/Azure

    1. I'm glad someone else is amused by our conversations than just us. And that WILL be me, protecting my makeup at all costs!!

  3. I love the Aussie Catch a Wave product! I have been using it forever I feel!

    1. Me too! I love it. It's great for lazy days or when you need a little more conditioner. Good stuff.

  4. Good luck with the move. I love using the Cetaphil products - so gentle on winter parched skin :)

    1. Thanks. And I am loving Cetaphil more and more now.


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