Monday, July 9, 2012

Summer Challenge: Fruits

Hiya beautiful, I'm back with our Summer Challenge. Today's challenge is "Fruits." I went with a single fruit. I tried to go a little outside the box, but it seems all the fruits have been done. Even kiwi! C'mon, I thought I had ya'll with that one!

So I went with this one.

Fruit Mani
Haha, I keed, I keed.

Here is the real one... Can you guess what fruit this is?

glitter obsession: Dragon Fruit Mani
Summer Challenge: Fruit Mani

It's dragon fruit! I did a Dragon Fruit manicure! Be nice, it's my first frame mani and that is a hard one to do! I should've done the red/pink first, then the white, but I did it the other way around and it's kind of a hot mess. And this is the redo!

Products Used:
Sally Hansen White On!
Black Acrylic Paint
Migi Nail Art Pen Jelly Red (unnamed)
Savvy French White White
Clear polish

Below is the original, which I thought was awful, but now that I look at it, a little clean up and it would've been golden. Maybe even better than the second. Oh well, life happens.

Dragon Fruit Mani fail
Fruit Mani fail


  1. I like it :D I can't do framed manicures :(

  2. OMG, I love it! It's so unique and different :)

  3. I'm so sorry I took kiwi from you! :D
    Anyway your dragon fruits mani looks really awesome,
    how you drew seeds is just amazing!!

  4. Haha good one! I wanted to be unique too...I almost did pomegranate, but them I got lame and did limes. It turns out limes are actually kind of hard to paint. I was shaking like crazy doing all those little lines! I love this mani, though - so cute and creative!

  5. Wow that was ambitious! First picture made me smile xD

  6. I think I like your first fruit mani the best, it sure made me laugh!

    The dragonfruit mani is gorgeous!

  7. DRAGONFRUIT!!!!! ahahah this reminds me of the twit pic i tweeted a while back :D you did a great job on this one kaki!

  8. Love it! So cute and so original! I also like your orange mani too ;) I am way too afraid to even attempt frame nails and I think you did a great job with them! :)

  9. Love this mani! I really like the inspiration behind it.

  10. I've never tried dragon fruit but they sure look yummy on your nails :D

  11. Haha hilarious!! I thought it was like an albino watermelon or something, so my guess wasn't near dragon fruit at all!!!
    Love this idea!!! And some funky nails!!! High five!!/Azure

  12. Wow, it's so imaginative!!

  13. I love it, you always have such great ideas.

  14. Oh my gosh, that is brilliant! :) I think it looks fantastic, you're uber creative!

  15. LOL LOL at the first picture of your "fruit mani" I love your dragon fruit mani

  16. i cudnt think of dragon fruit at all was lost in thinking how well black spots on white looked!!
    framed mani is hard, still you pulled of so well!!

  17. Frame manicures look SO hard though, so I'd still say both were a success in my books! Although I do prefer the satsuma mani. So much more sophisticated.....

  18. The orange manicure is hilarious, hahaha.

    I like how you used grey and black for the seeds, so it looks like some of the seeds are just peeking through the white part, like in a real dragon fruit. :D

  19. You have such great ideas!! I've never seen a Dragon Fruit nail art til today :D It turned out great! Love it :)


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