Monday, July 30, 2012

Summer Challenge: Favorite Water Animal

Catch up time!

Hey everyone! I'm sorry I'm late with this one, but here it is anyway! Trying to catch up, but I'm not sure I'll have it done in time to include in the Inlinkz widget. Boo.

I really had no idea what to do for today, I had high hopes for a sea-horse but it was way too complicated and I'm feeling lazy. I was googling images for water animals when I googled Starfish and Spongebob came up.

Favorite Water ... Animals?

Spongebob Nail Art
Summer Challenge: Favorite Underwater Animal/Spongebob Nail Art

Confession time. I have no idea who Spongebob is, other than he has square pants and lives in a pineapple. Or something like that. Otherwise, nada. But he's popular and he's an animal right? Wait. He's a sponge. Sponges are animals...right? I did his friends too, which includes a starfish, so it counts!

Favorite Underwater Animal / Starfish Patrick Nail Art
Summer Challenge: Favorite Underwater Animal / Starfish Patrick Nail Art

Products Used

Sally Hansen Maximum Growth
China Glaze Caribbean Blue
Sally Hansen Calypso Blue
Acrylic Paint
Seche Vite

Here is a picture with top coat. Top coat is nice because it evens everything out, especially the eyes which can get pretty built up with all the dotting.

Favorite Underwater Animal / Spongebob Nail Art
Summer Challenge: Favorite Underwater Animal / Spongebob Nail Art

I'm a bit embarrassed by this nail art. I had high hopes, but again, the fine details escape me and my proportions are off. Ahh well. Live and learn right? Every time I look at Spongebob I feel like he's on drugs. This is sort of a psychedelic interpretation of Spongebob and his friends ... =P

Nail Art Brushes

I need to invest in some good nail art brushes. All of mine are from kits for canvas painting, so 3/4 of them are bigger than my nail itself and the rest can't give me a nice fine line. I'm looking into MASH art brushes. Any other suggestions?


  1. Haha, this is adorable! I love it! Especially Gary, the snail, he's awesome. You've done an amazing job. :)

  2. You freehanded them? They look amazing!

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  4. Sponges are definitely animals. You got them on your nails really accurately too, I'm amazed!

  5. OMG I love Gary! (the snail ;) ) he is soooo adorable :D

  6. These came out great. I really like them!

  7. These are so adorable! Your freehand is amazing!

  8. That's really cool! And hey, you know more about Spongebob than I do. I didn't know he was living in a pineapple :D

  9. So cute!!!! You are awesome.

  10. Omg, this looks so great! :D I absolutely love this manii

  11. They are super cute! Love the whole mani!

  12. dude, the shimmer of your base blue color in the second pic looks aMAAAYYYYYzing!

  13. This is so good. You have such creative ideas and you make amazing nail art.

  14. Great detailed design!! It's awesome!!
    Actually I'm also a normal paint brush user for acrylic/freehands, but I'm buying them just one-by-one; My favorite one is 5-0 brush with kolinsky hair, it's not cheap but really GREAT :)

  15. I don't know much about Spongebob but I still hate him =))) But your mani looks perfect! You're embarrassed? No, you're crazy! Great detail, they look just like the "real" ones :D

  16. Oh my gosh. That is just too cute!!

  17. These are so awesome! I love spongebob! :D


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