Monday, October 8, 2012

Navy Baby

You've already seen this polish in all its glory yesterday in my not so original spider web stamping mani. I mentioned I had some issues with this polish. I'm going to take you through the circus in my head while I'm photographing nail swatches, and it'll give you a good idea about this polish color.

What a beautiful morning! I'll take some pictures outside in the natural light so I can get an accurate color...

That was a nice picture and I'm happy with the color accuracy. But wait! I saw a little shimmer in the bottle and it's not on the nail. Let's see if I can fix that. Let's take the picture at an extreme angle under strong kitchen lighting.

Got the shimmer in the bottle, but the nails just look black. Let's try again under my daylight bulb.

Shimmer in the bottle! Look how pretty. Can't see it on the nails. Move em just a little more ...

Just the slightest hint of dark blue shimmer, maybe a little more?

Damn, lost it. I need a beer.



  1. Hahaha! I love this, stunning :)

  2. Too funny! The shimmer on the bottle is amazing totally sucks it didn't transfer to your nail though!

  3. This is such a gorgeous blue! It is one of my favorites!

  4. I like your thought process! mine is very similar except it involves 200 pictures and no beer :(

  5. Love this one! The shimmer looks beautiful!

  6. This the most perfect deep blue polish I have ever seen. Great swatch!


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