Saturday, October 20, 2012

Halloween Nail Art Challenge: Bats

Hiya beautiful! I'm back again with another installment of missed nail art challenge posts! I'm hoping to get some serious work done this weekend with my nails. I have lots done but I think they're going to be huge posts instead of doing each polish separately...

Anywho. The missed challenge was on BATS. I tried some stamping earlier this week (when I would have been ON TIME) but that was a huge fail. I'll see if I can link the image at the bottom. I tried again but this time freehand since my stamping skillz are less than adequate!

bat nail art
Halloween Nail Art Challenge: Bats

So my freehand skillz may be less than adequate also... Haha. I had some serious trouble with these bad boys and I'm nto 100% thrilled, but we all can't bat 1000 all the time, right? Sometimes it's fun to see mani's that didn't turn out that great. At least I do. Makes me realize we're all human. =P

Products Used:
Total Nail RX Build Me Up Nail Hardener
L’Oreal Colour Rich Nail Polish in The Queen’s Might
Black & White Acrylic Paint

Hope you liked today's post! If you're participating and haven't gotten the code yet, CLICK HERE!

Just for kicks, here is the failed stamping attempt from earlier! It's a crop of an iPhone photo, so sorry it's not the best quality!



  1. Those are free hand?? They're awesome!! I really wasn't happy with mine either I don't know what it is about bats but I can't paint them for the life of me!! But yours are really really good! :)

  2. Those are brilliant bats! Dude you are fricking great at nail art

  3. Love the bats you did a great job!

  4. These are awesome! I love how they came out!! :D

  5. Your freehand bats are so bad-ass! Especially in this matte look :D Love it!


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