Sunday, October 7, 2012

Halloween Nail Art Challenge: Spider Web (Week 43: Spider Web)

Hiya beautiful. I'm back with another installment of the Halloween Nail Art Challenge. Today's prompt is Spider Web!

I had originally wanted to freehand a cool design in a holo polish on a dark base, but that was a major fail. So I opted to try my hand at stamping. I had a seriously bad day when I did this, but more on that tomorrow! You'll see how crazy I am! =)

spider web stamping nail art
Halloween Nail Art Challenge: Spider Webs

Awww look how pretty it was outside that morning when I was taking pictures before work ... This is what my photos look like before I've cropped them!

And this is what happens to pretty stamping when you forget to put on a top coat as soon as it's done and some stringy web pieces get wiped off...

Products Used:
Sally Hansen Maximum Growth
Sally Hansen Navy Baby
Essie No Place Like Chrome
BM 13 plate
Poshe Super Fast Drying Top Coat

Hope you enjoyed! I'm having a lot of fun with these and am enjoying seeing everyone's interpretations of the prompts!!

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  1. awesome, love it :D
    now i wish i did stamping too ;)

  2. Eh heh heh, some stupid human walked through your web :D Looks awesome!!!

  3. Looks great - well until you forgot your clear top coat that is...funny - I never forget mine. My SV is always out in the bottle line up and I keep a bottle next to my bed to put a re-fresh coat on to extend my manis.

  4. It still looks cool even with the parts that came off! It looks like you meant to do that :} I think you did a great job :}

  5. I thought you meant to do the webs like that until I read that they came off with the topcoat! LOL Looks like normal when you see webs in real life! :) I really love it a lot! Awesomeness! :)

  6. Looks great! I used the same stamping image :) A

  7. It looks pretty cool even after some of the image came off :D Very cool!


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