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Benefit Some Kind-a Gorgeous in Medium - Swatches & Review

Benefit Some Kind-a Gorgeous is a cool cream to powder foundation. Foundation faker. Or something.

I took some pictures of mine but they didn't turn out well, and by the time I got around to editing them, I had already finished it and tossed it.

So here is a picture courtesy of

Looking for a decent picture of the compact to use here, I read quite a few reviews on this. It seemed everyone had the same opinion of it, which coincided with what I thought about it. Most of the differences were on packaging. Some felt the light, white plastic compact looked cheap. I think it's cute. I'm kind of a packaging whore, and I'll totally buy something that I will never use because it's cute. I think the packaging is simple, sturdy (not cheap or flimsy), and the record on top was just too cute.

Here's what Benefit says about it:

Our oil-free, cream-to-powder formula fakes's silky, even perfection for your complexion! This "instant beauty boost" will even out your skintone, making it look chart-topping gorgeous! Compact includes application sponge and mirror for touch-ups on the go!

It's a "foundation faker," whatever that means. Is it a foundation or isn't it? If it were a complexion faker, I could maybe understand. I dunno. It has very sheer coverage unless you build it up, which uses up the product super fast.

I always try to use something lighter during the summer because it's so dang hot in South Texas that I feel like I'm melting when wearing heavy foundation in 100+ degree heat with 70% humidity. On a good day! =) I know I have to sacrifice coverage, but I still want it to make me look OK.

Some Kind-a Gorgeous is available in three colors: lite, medium, and deep.

                                   Bare Face                                      Benefit Some Kind-a Gorgeous Medium

These pictures are a bit misleading. I think I built up the coverage with this application because a single layer of this doesn't conceal much. You can still see lots of unevenness and blemishes/splotches with what I have applied. You can see how red my entire cheek is still compared to closer to my mouth/nose. I have a friend who LOVES this stuff, but she's got great skin. Maybe a few light freckles and pink on the cheeks, so all she needs is a little skin tone evening. If you have blemishes or sun spots or dark circles or basically anything to be covered, you'll need to use a lot of product or use something else on top of it.

Me Gusta:
  • Blends easily
  • Travel friendly compact
  • Matte finish
  • Buildable coverage
  • Evens skintone
No Me Gusta:
  • Sheer, will need concealer to hide all blemishes/imperfections
  • Goes quickly! Especially if you layer or apply with a heavy hand for better coverage
  • My skin became oily in a few hours using this, even with my usual primer underneath
  • Limited shade selection
Verdict: Won't repurchase any time soon, but may in the future for something light or to carry with me to touch up makeup when I need something heavier than powder.

Available wherever Benefit is sold. I purchased mine at Sephora. Retails for $29.00/0.34oz.


  1. I am always skeptical of foundation products that only come in a few shades.

  2. Have you ever tried Double Perfection by Chanel? I've just switched last year to it after having a bout of dry skin and my normal mineral type foundation/powder just made things worse. Though it is a little pricey, I really like it. It's covers just enough without being too sheer, nor too heavy. It's one of those foundations that you can just put on all over your face without having to look in a mirror to apply.

    Thanks for this review!

    1. I haven't tried it, or even heard of it, but now I'll have to look into it! I keep looking for something light that covers well. I was hoping BB creams would be the answer, but they aren't. Thanks for the product suggestion!

  3. I had this for a couple years...was a bit too oily on me. I just tossed it last month when I started going through my makeup cupboard shelves 'cause I had not used it in more than 9 months - was on a ruthless purge. Now kind of wondering if I should have kept it and tried it again come winter? I have one from Dr. Denese called Foundation Faker that I have loved, loved...but after I tossed this one you are showing discovered my Foundation Faker is not made right now - might be made again - but....oh darn.

    1. Same here. I wonder if it would do better when my skin isn't as oily or breaking out as much (ie winter). Maybe I'll go back to it. I do love the cream-to-powder products so I'm sure I'll repurchase this, even though I wasn't 100% crazy about it.

  4. I personally love this product! But I agree with you, it gets oily fast. I only get the little travel size thingies though, and medium is my perfect shade. I agree, it doesn't have the best coverage but I'm only 14 so my skin doesn't have a lot of spots or anything so it's perfect.

    me gusta. haha x

    1. Medium is the perfect shade for me too! Maybe in the winter I'll have to try this again and see if it works better on my skin.


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