Sunday, August 12, 2012

Almay Smart Shade Makeup in Light/Medium - Swatches & Review

Almay came out with a new foundation awhile back named Smart Shade Makeup. It's supposed to change once applied to the skin to your perfect color. It has FlowErase technology. Whatever that means. Here's what Almay has to say about it ...
"finally a makeup that takes the guesswork out of finding your perfect shade. breakthrough shade-sensing technology instantly adjusts to the color of your skin. the lightweight formula starts out white and adjusts to right. formulated with an antioxidant blend of grape seed, ginseng, and ginkgo biloba to nurture your skin. for a beautiful, natural finish every time."
It's available in a few colors, and I mean a FEW. As in three. Light, Light/Medium, and Medium. Three. Thazzit.

This is the one I used, Light/Medium 200. I'm essentially a MAC NC20, Bare Escentuals Golden Medium/Light, Revlon Color Stay in Sand Beige, MUFE HD Sand, etc etc. Light with yellow undertones basically. 

I actually got this from my mother. =) She had used it a few times but didn't like it (I can't remember why) and I'm such a makeup whore...der that I was like, "Hey give it to me! I only have nine other foundations, I could use another one!" I haven't really used much in terms of Almay, they always seem a bit expensive in drugstore world for what you get...

Here is a blob on bare skin. The photo is a little warm, but enlarge it. Do you see those little gray specks? Weird. Are those the color changing particles? How does gray become flesh colored? I don't get it.

Anyhow, despite the overpriced product and gray particles, I decided to put it on my face anyway. Logical, right? So below are my bare and foundation pictures. it has good coverage, I'd say light to medium. Hahah, I'm so funny. Get it? It's the name of the color I used. Ahhhhh, I crack myself up.

                                 Bare Skin                              With Almay Base

Me Gusta:
  • SPF 15, everyone needs a little protection
  • Flattering finish, very natural, not quite dewy but not matte
No Me Gusta:
  • Can oxidize on oily skin, turned very orange throughout the day
  • Very limited selection, essentially no choices for darker or olive skin tones
  • Upper end of price range on drugstore foundations
  • Sheer coverage, will need concealer for most hyperpigmentation/blemishes

In all fairness, I didn't use this very long. I only wore it three or four days because it oxidized so badly on me. I think I possibly needed to get the lighter color? I'm not sure. Either way, I don't plan on buying this product.

Almay Smart Shade is also available in concealer and blush to complete the look. Available anywhere Almay is sold (or even a local family member or friend's house with a five finger discount!) and retails for $13.49 for 1 oz.

P.S. I recently started using BB creams and, just FYI, the L'Oreal one has "beauty beads" that are essentially the same as the beads above. It's a similar concept, white base with beads that will release pigment. If you didn't like this Almay foundation, you may not like the L'Oreal BB cream.


  1. I am always skeptical of products like this. Just give me good ole foundation and I am happy.

  2. That's expensive! I can never find stuff like this in the right colour for me, and they never seem to 'adjust' to my skintone when I do. I like Garnier's BB cream though, and the Boots 17 one is good too :)

  3. This is quite expensive and the result doesn´t look that good. I would not buy it. Great review!

  4. ahh you and your ounces. Had to google convert it. That is a tiny bottle and it is so dear!


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