Thursday, August 23, 2012

A little birdy told me

Is birdy spelled birdy or birdie? Birdey? I'm confused.

Anyway. This isn't a makeup or nail polish post. This post is about a little bird. My husband found him a few days ago. He fell out of his nest. We kept debating on going and getting him, but honestly, I'm not really sure what to do with a baby bird. What do you feed it? How much? How often? Where do you keep it? Etc. Momma bird was usually close by on the fence and once we saw her come back and feed him (her?) we just kept an eye on him.

Can you see him?

A little closer ...

How about a close up?

Ugly little bugger ain't he? Skinny and he looks like he has jowls! 

I have no children or pets so this is as close as I've gotten recently to having someone/thing to show people, so you get lots of pictures today! Here he was running away from me. I had gotten a little too close.

Another close up, thanks to my new camera. He's kinda scrawny. If you can imagine a normal leaf shriveled up and fallen, you can see how little he is! I asked my husband how he can tell he's recently born and he said it's because he's got a fuzzy butt! Apparently butt feathers are the last to grow in. Who knew?

Running ....

He does blend well though! Poor guy. We don't seem to have any stray/loose cats in our neighborhood. I hear coyotes are out here, but not in the "city." Hopefully he does ok. His momma is doing well and she's usually standing guard.

We can't find a nest so I have no idea if he's the only one or the only one we found to have survived a fall. He is sitting under a large tree in our yard, so I'm assuming there is a nest up there.

Either way, that's all I have for ya! Little baby bird. Fingers crossed he does ok.


  1. You should throw a load of breadcrumbs out for him and maybe a bit of straw or something to keep him warm.x

  2. Aww bless him :)

    I often find baby birds in my garden, so cute!

  3. *Reverts to biologist mode.* that is an American robin fledgling. Robins leave the nest surprisingly early due to their relatively large size. At this point their feathers are still colored to camoflage them from predators and their instincts are to hide under bushes/ stay close to objects while their parents continue to feed and care for them. This lasts until they are fully feathered and able to fly. Definitely fun to watch but good thing no one tried to "help" the little guy. A lot of fledglings get killed because people try to "take them in" when they don't know how to care for them.

    1. I had no idea! Someone mentioned they thought he was a robin because momma bird has a bright red chest. I'm glad we didn't "help" as he's doing well on his own! We just peek on him and make sure he's ok. Thanks for the info!! Totally awesome.

  4. Nice info Rebecca never knew this! And cute little find Kaki had to laugh at the jowls comment its so true!

  5. I hope he does okay! He's so cute and I always am wanting to help animals - wild or not!

  6. I'd definitely follow Rebecca's advise. As long as mama's watching him and taking care of him, leave him be.

  7. Aww, what a precious little thing! You're right, ugly but still cute! Your jowls comment made me realize he looks like the bird version of a bulldog in the face, lol.

  8. I hope he does okay! I love birds :)

  9. ohhhh, pobrecito!!! lo mejor es cazar algún mosquito y darselo como si fueras la mama-pajaro, si a eso le añades un poquito de pan rallado estará encantado, si tiene sed él mismo beberá de cualquier charquito o semejante!!
    Tengo un reto en mi blog, te animas a participar???
    Un besito guapa!!!

  10. Haha omg he's so cute!! I don't think I've ever seen a baby bird, once I saw a bird that I thought might have been a teenager or something because it was a little smaller than the birds it was hanging out with lol but never anything as cutesy as this!


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