Thursday, January 15, 2015

NARS Hungry Heart

NARS Hungry Heart is a multitasker. I picked this up awhile back and I use it occasionally, although I'm not sure if the reason I don't use it more is because my skin tone is wrong for it or I don't get what it's for.

NARS Hungry Heart
Standard sturdy black cased NARS packaging. 

NARS Hungry Heart
Shimmer everywhere!

NARS Hungry Heart
Just look at that shimmer! So gorgeous. 

NARS Hungry Heart
Swatch on bare skin. You can see the difference in the yellow based left and pink/peach based right, both with gold shimmer. Very subtle but still packs a wow!

I've used these several ways. I've used them as highlighters, depending on what makeup I'm wearing. I've dusted them in the center of my eyelid for more sparkle. I've used them as eyeshadows alone. Since they're so sheer, they're not noticeable as eyeshadows, but are very sparkly for highlighters.

Am I using these wrong? I think I bought it just because I like sparkle but it's one piece in my bag that doesn't get used often. Any ideas? I'm willing to try anything! Maybe I should just use these to dust my decolletage before going out to give my girls some sparkles!

Nails: Orly Preamp


  1. Honestly I don't feel like nars eyeshadows are that pigmented. I have a duo and their so sheer. I'm not a fan. At least you can use yours as a highlighter.

    1. Yeah I'm starting to feel NARS isn't worth the price tag. I'm just glad I can use mine for something else. Shame though.


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