Thursday, January 8, 2015

BareMinerals Mineral Veil Tan

Hello loves! I'm back after a hiatus of changing jobs and moving. Again. I seem to do this every few years. Hopefully this time it will stick. 

On to the real reason everyone is here! I adore Bare Minerals and recently purchased a compact version of their Mineral Veil. As I was color matched to Bare Latte 11 in their new "serum," and the girl at Ulta suggested the tinted mineral veil so the regular one doesn't wash me out. 

Fun little plastic sheet when you open it. I think it's adorable! Good color representation, has a yellow undertone. 

Make up remover soaked cotton  ball - def has some color in there. 

Swatched on bare skin. 

When the girl at Ulta used it, I loved it. I don't know if I've lost some color or I apply it heavier than she did, but it seems to dark on me now. I'm sure girls with darker complexions than mine would love this. I'm keeping it around for this summer when I get a tan, which is inevitable since I tan so easily, or I can likely use it as a bronzer in the meantime for some shaping! Overall great purchase, not sorry I got it!

Nails: Orly Preamp

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  1. yaaay you're back :D
    I think it would be perfect for shading until next summer :) I like how it looks on the skin, not too heavy or anything :)


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