Sunday, March 25, 2012

Haul + Mail

I got some packages in the mail recently - my Zoya polishes from their recent promo and a few polishes I ordered and I went shopping yesterday looking for the new Wet N Wild glitter polishes which I didn't find (anyone know when those are to be released?) and I grabbed some other polishes I really didn't need, but it feels so strange to walk out of a store without at least ONE polish ... Right? Or am I the only one? Please don't say I'm the only one...

First up we have Jessica's Iridescent Eye from the Peacock Queen Collection that I purchased from Ninja Polish for $6/bottle. It was cheaper than buying from any other e-tailer and shipping was quick. It's a Chanel Peridot dupe (see Scrangie's comparison).

Jessica Iridescent

Next up is my Zoya order from their recent promo (Buy 3, Get 3 Free). I seem to really like purple ...

Faye - Mimi - Savita - Dannii - Phoebe - Jules

Wait, Zoya Faye looks kinda familiar to a polish I recently bought ...

Dangit! I always do that. They aren't dupes, but definitely in the same neighborhood. Blah. I seem to have a weakness for this color. Oh well. They're both pretty...

And my drugstore haul! I wasn't too bad. I did have a giftcard to CVS so I used that, so I was nice!

My only Essie ... Nothing really caught my eye in their display, but this one was sitting by itself by the cash register, and when I picked it up, it had the prettiest shimmer! So soft and feminine. I tried to capture the shimmer, but the photo is pretty washed out.

Essie Peek-A-Boo

A single Maybelline that looked pretty - apparently coral is in this season. So I thought I'd fall victim to a trend!

Maybelline Tulip Tango

Some Milani from the new Beach themed spring collection... Sorry for the blurry photo, I didn't realize it until I loaded the pictures, and I'm too lazy to go back and get another one. =)

Beach Front - Sail Away

Some Sally Hansen VitaSurge products, one to strengthen my nails and one cuticle gel. I hadn't heard of these until I saw Sarah @ Chalkboard Nails cuticle care post and I thought it was interesting that it dried clear and matte, so it can be used before clicking pictures for swatches! They were BOGO, so I grabbed two different products!

Sinful Colors new Sheer Shimmer Collection. They remind me of Cinderella with the beautiful shimmer ...

Sweet Dreams - Flutter - Morning Star

And some Spoiled polishes that caught my eye. I actually had like ten of these in my hands, but I put a lot of them back because I had similar polishes or I knew I'd never actually wear them.

Cougar Attack - Shrimp on the Barbie - Club Rat

And here are my dilemma products! I have been grabbing Revlon Whimsical and Sinful Colors Cinderella whenever I see them, and I'm up to EIGHT Revlon Whimsical and SEVEN Sinful Colors Cinderella. I'm not sure if I should do a short blog sale or do a giveaway ... What do you guys think?

Whew! Lots of new polishes! And I'm not sure what to do with all those Whimsicals and Cinderellas ...


  1. Great haul those milani polishes look really nice! Swatches maybe? Lol..and wow that duochrome polish looks awesome *gets hearts in eyes* I dont think i own any duochromes. And you really hit the motherload with the revlon whimsical! I have yet to find myself a bottle.

    1. =) Thanks. I'll work on those milani swatches soon! I highly recommend any duochrome but I've heard nothing but raves about that Jessica polish!

  2. First - you are definitely NOT the only one who can't leave a drugstore empty handed!

    Second - Could you please please show a swatch (and if you can a comparison) of your Zoya Faye and it's neighbor? I would LOVE to see how they look on the nail...

    Thanks a lot for sharing!

    1. Will do! I'm curious how close they are on the nails myself! And I'm glad I'm not the only one. =)

  3. I agree with the above comment: you aren't the only one to never leave a store without a polish. You are going to LOVE Iridescent Eye! I just swatched it and I'm addicted already. Lol! I can't wait to see Zoya Savita swatched!

  4. Oh huge, huge, HUGE drool!!! :D I LOVE your Cinderella pile!! :D

    1. Weee! I'm so glad you like. I was mighty happy when I was looking at it all.

  5. Awesome is all I can say about that haul!! I would love to see the SC swatched ASAP but of course ur going to do them all aren't you!;-p

    1. Of course I will! I'll get those out soon. They look to pretty to sit long.

  6. I can see the shimmer on the Essie!
    & love the Maybelline tulip tango.
    I've been trying to get Cinderella but I just can't find it !
    I will eventually.

    1. I'm glad someone can. I was beginning to think I made it up! Haha.

  7. WOW! Awesome Haul!!! You can never have to many of that Zoya Faye kind of color ;) The coral Maybelline is gorgeous! :D And you are crazy, girl! 8 Whimsical's and 7 Cinderella's ? Omg :D You could do a blog sale, I'm sure many people are looking for them :)

  8. wow....that's a LOT of whimsical Cinderellas :O
    It'd be a fun themed giveaway, I think!
    and Essie has a lot of pretty colors with subtle shimmer, but they disappear on the nail :( I hope this doesn't do that for you

  9. omg! amazing haul!

    and about whimsical and sinful colors, try swapping 'em with me. :)
    what do you say? :)

  10. I love all your new Zoya babies! I noticed that one of the ones I bought was an EXACT dupe of an Orly polish I already had, also. I was like, reallly...? Oh well, I'll consider that one of my free ones. :x Awesome haul!

  11. those polishes are so cute ^^ OMG


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