Sunday, August 2, 2015


Fashionista... I am not. But I do wear the color.

e.l.f. lip stain in Fashionista is a bright pink lip stain. Well, not really a lip stain, more like a long lasting lip stick. You may remember this post when I mentioned they were like the old school Cover Girl long lasting lip colors (or still are, I'm not that up to date on the Cover Girl lines except for their 3-in-1 foundation that I loooooooove, but don't get me started on that!). It applies to the lips in an opaque color, really likes to move so you can't rub your lips together, and then you let it dry and set. It doesn't soak into your lips like a true stain. There is a gloss to add but the color comes off a bit on the doe foot applicator which isn't a big deal. The color stays fairly well but by lunch time if you're talking or eating or drinking, it'll start to ball up.

elf lip stain Fashionista
elf lip stain Fashionista

Please excuse the pic quality. My camera is missing so all pics are from my iPhone.

elf lip stain Fashionista (right, solo. left, with gloss)
 And bigger photos...

elf lip stain Fashionista, no gloss

elf lip stain Fashionista, with gloss

elf lip stain Fashionista, without gloss

elf lip stain Fashionista, with gloss

And a lunch time selfie to my husband that day. Color wore fairly well although it seemed to get darker (maybe more of my natural lip color coming through?), gloss was long gone on my water bottle along with some color. You can tell the color is starting to ball up and separate at my lip wet/dry line. Oh well, it was fine while I wore it. And it's only $3 and that is if it's not on sale, which it frequently is, so who cares?

Any one else not any good at selfies? haha This is why I never do full face on here... 


  1. Looks great on you. I love it too with or without gloss. Love the color.

    1. Thank you! I really like the color so I'm willing to overlook some things for the great price tag!


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